Sale -45%

WS2811 Addressable LED Controller

Check the Addressable LED Controllers, which are designed for LED Products use the LPD series, UCS s..

$19.90 $11.00

Sale -35%

RDM DMX 512 Decoder For RGBW/RGB/CCT/Single Color

Check the RDA DMX 512 Decoder, which is designed for all kinds of constant voltage LED Lights, the w..

$25.40 $16.60

Sale -47%

DIM/CCT/RGB/RGBW 4 In 1 DC12-48V Constant Current RF LED Controller

Check the constant current RF LED Controller, which with 4 in 1 function design, you can use as a di..

$42.80 $22.60

Sale -24%

DC5V-24V 384W LED Music Controller For RGB/RGBW

Check out the RGB/RGBW 2 IN 1 LED Music Controller, 3 music control modes available, the Sound Contr..

$15.70 $11.99

Sale -30%

DC12V 24V 30A RGB LED Amplifier

Check the RGB LED Amplifier, which can compatible with all our RGB LED Controller, adopts the PWM co..

$11.40 $7.99

Sale -50%

768W RGBW LED Remote Controller With Wall Panel RF Touch Control

The LED Remote Controller is designed for the constant voltage RGBW LED Strips and is enclosed in a ..

$42.70 $21.30

Sale -55%

768W RGBW LED Controllers With 24 Keys RF Remote Control

The RGBW LED Controllers with 24 Keys RF Remote Controls are enclosed in a black metal shell for bet..

$28.90 $12.99

Sale -44%

768W 4CHs RGBW LED Controller With RF Touch Remote Control

Check the RGBW LED Controller With RF Touch Remote Control, which with 4 output channels design, sui..

$32.40 $17.99

Sale -39%

720W RGB LED Controller With RF Wireless Touch Wall Panel Remote

Check the RGB LED Controller, which with the RJ45 Ports for the sync-work, multiple controllers can ..

$34.10 $20.70

Sale -56%

720W 12V RGB Controller With Touch Remote Control

The 12V RGB Controller, which adopts the advanced micro control unit, can be used to control a varie..

$35.70 $15.53

Sale -54%

600W Single Color LED DMX Decoder

Check the Single Channel LED DMX Decoder, working in DC12V or DC24V, adopts the advanced micro contr..

$25.40 $11.70

Sale -20%

600W 1CH RF Sync Single Color LED Dimmer

Check the RF Sync Single Color LED Dimmer, which can achieve step-less and smooth dimming, adopts bo..

$13.70 $10.99

Sale -23%

600W 1CH 0-10V PWM LED Dimmer

Check the 0-10V PWM LED Dimmer, which adopts the advanced micro control unit, will receive the 0-10V..

$15.10 $11.70

Sale -58%

480W 2CHs CCT LED Strip Controller

The CCT LED Strip Controllers, designed for the Tunable White CW+WW constant voltage LED Lights, hav..

$35.70 $14.99

Sale -40%

40-60W RF 2.4G CCT LED Dimming Driver

The 2.4G RF CCT LED Dimming Drivers are a perfect choice for constant current Tunable White LED Ligh..

$26.30 $15.90

Sale -27%

384W RGBW LED Strip WIFI Controller With 2.4G Remote Control

Check the RGBW LED Strip WiFi Controller, which with the WiFi function by Tuya, allows the LED Contr..

$25.90 $18.93

Sale -32%

384W 4CHs Wireless Sync LED Controller For DIM/CCT/RGB/RGBW

Check the Wireless Sync LED Controller, which adopts the most advanced PWM digital control technolog..

$23.40 $15.99

Sale -41%

2048 Pixels Wireless Addressable LED Strip Controller

Check the Wireless Addressable LED Strip Controllers for Magic Dream Color LED Strips. the working v..

$25.30 $14.90

Sale -14%

2.4GHz Wireless 4Zones RF LED Remote

Check the RF LED Remote, which has 1 color ring and 12 buttons, working in DC3V and powered by 2PCS ..

$8.41 $7.23

Sale -29%

2.4G Rotary Dimming LED Remote Control

Check the 2.4G Rotary Dimming LED Remote Control, working in DC3V, powered by 2PCS AAA batteries, DI..

$19.70 $13.90

Sale -11%

2.4G RF CCT Dimmable LED Power Supply

Check the CCT Dimmable LED Power Supply, various working current switchable, and you can choose..

$25.70 $23.00

Sale -11%

12V PWM RGBW LED Strip Controller

The PWM RGBW LED Strip Controller, which with a mini size, working in DC12-24V, with four output cha..

$6.74 $5.99

Sale -57%

480W Tunable White LED Controller With 14 Keys RF Remote

The Tunable White LED Controller with 14 Keys RF Remote adopts the advanced PWM digital control tech..

$29.30 $12.50

Sale -54%

13-38W 2.4G RF CCT Dimmable Transformers For LED Lights

Check the CCT Dimmable Transformers, which is designed for the constant current CW+WW LED Lights, LE..

$25.80 $11.90

Sale -42%

Sync DC12V-24V CCT LED Controller

Check the Sync DC12V-24V CCT LED Controller, paired with the touch wall panel remote control, design..

$35.70 $20.70