Sale -29%

60*90mm Aluminum Channel Holder For LED Strips

Check the 60*90mm Aluminum Channel Holder for Flexible LED Strips, the inner width is 35.25mm and co..

$35.70 $25.50

Sale -19%

Up And Down Pendant LED Alu Profile

Check the 90mm Deep LED Alu Profiles for pendant up and down LED Linear Light, allows pendant or sur..

$33.40 $27.00

Sale -33%

75mm Deep LED Channel For Pendant Installation

Check the 75mm Deep LED Channel, made of 6063-T5 aluminium alloy material and with silver anodized s..

$34.10 $23.00

Sale -18%

Indirect Light Linear Pendant LED Extrusion 3M

Check the Indirect Light Linear Pendant or Surface Mounted LED Extrusion 3M, which made of 6063-T5 a..

$25.40 $20.80

Sale -57%

Aluminum LED Strip Light Profile With Round Cover

Check the Aluminum LED Strip Light Profile comes with 1 inch half-round PC diffuser cover, the inner..

$13.80 $5.99

Sale -34%

25mm Wide Pendant Aluminum LED Profile Housing

Check the 25mm Width Aluminum LED Profile Housing, the inner width is 22.8mm and compatible with dou..

$9.14 $5.99

Sale 0%

Up Down Extruded Aluminum LED Housing

Check the Extruded Aluminum LED Housing, which supports Upside and Downside LED Strips Installation...

$0.00 $8.99

Sale -42%

25.4MM Wide Up And Down LED Aluminium Profile 2M

Check the 25.4MM Wide LED Aluminium Profile 2M, which comes with 2PCS PC diffused covers, you can in..

$13.70 $7.99

Sale -36%

25MM Square LED Mounting Channel With Dropped Diffuser

Check the 25MM Square LED Mounting Channels, which allows pendant or surface mounted installation in..

$12.50 $7.99

Sale -29%

25*25MM Square LED Strip Light Diffuser With Profile

Check the 25*25MM Square LED Strip Light Diffuser with Aluminium Profile, which comes with the dropp..

$8.41 $5.99

Sale -21%

60MM Round LED Aluminium Profile 3M

Check the 60mm Round LED Aluminium Profile 3M for ceiling suspended light, the standard length is 1m..

$15.10 $11.90

Sale 0%

35MM Pendant LED Tape Extrusion For Pendant Light

Check the LED Tape Extrusion for Pendant Light, the width is 35mm and with 40mm dropped lens, made o..

$0.00 $11.40

Sale -36%

Surface Mounted Pendant Linear LED Light Channel

Check the Linear LED Light Channel, the standard length is 1meter, you can choose other lengths like..

$15.70 $10.00

Sale -41%

Square Pedant LED Strip Aluminium Profile 60x60mm

Check the Square LED Strip Aluminium Profiles, the width and height are 60mm, made of 6063-T5 alumin..

$25.40 $15.00

Sale -47%

Wall Mounted Pendant Silicone Flexibled LED Profile Channel 5M/Roll

Check the Square Silicone Flexible LED Profile Channel, 5meters per roll, made of high-quality silic..

$56.10 $30.00