Sale 14%
Track Lighting Pendant Channels

Track Lighting Pendant Magnetic Rail Channels

Check the Track Lighting Pendant Magnetic Rail Channels with a strong magnetic suction design to hol..

$13.20 $14.99

Sale -24%
1 Inch Anti Glare LEDstrip Diffuser

Pendant 1 Inch Anti Glare LEDstrip Diffusers

Check the 1 Inch LEDStrip Diffusers and Aluminum Channels, which have three types of reflectors for ..

$18.30 $13.99

Sale -31%
Indoor DIY Linear Pendant Lighting Fixtures With Lens

Indoor DIY Linear Pendant Lighting Fixtures With Lens

Check the DIY Linear Pendant Lighting Fixtures, which can be hung on the ceiling for indoor main lig..

$57.80 $39.99

Sale -33%
36mm suspended profile light

360° T36 Round 36mm Suspended Profile Light

The 36mm round Suspended Profile Lights, which with 360° emitting lighting design, the suspension wi..

$25.30 $16.99

Sale -31%
4 inches led strip track diffuser

Pendant 4 Inches LED Strip Track Diffuser For Main Lighting

Check the 4 inches LED Strip Track Diffuser, the width is 100mm and the inner width is 69.5mm, allow..

$62.40 $43.00

Sale -29%
aluminium track for led strip

3 Inches Aluminium Track For LED Strip With 20mm Dropped Cover

The 3 inches Aluminium Tracks come with 20mm dropped covers, comes with accessories that allow being..

$56.10 $39.90

Sale -29%
75mm aluminum channel and frosted led strip diffuser

3 Inches Frosted LED Strip Diffuser Aluminium For Pendant Light

Check the 3 inches Frosted LED Strip Diffuser Aluminium, which is 75mm in width, and comes with susp..

$52.70 $37.30

Sale -32%
pendant led strip light channel and diffuser

2 Inches Pendant LED Strip Light Channel And Diffuser

The 2 inches Pendant LED Strip Light Channel and Diffuser come with a 20mm dropped lens for a wide v..

$45.70 $30.99

Sale -27%
u channel for led strip

Aluminum U Channel For LED Strips With 20mm Dropped Diffuser

Check the Aluminum U Channel for LED Strips, which with a 20mm dropped diffuser for smooth light out..

$35.40 $25.99

Sale -29%
led lighting channel

Black LED Lighting Channels With Anti-glare Design

The LED Lighting Channels allow pendant or surface-mounted installation, which with a deeply anti-gl..

$12.67 $8.99

Sale -51%
ALP142 Black LED Extrusion

28MM Round Black LED Extrusion 3 Types Of Lens Available

The Round Black LED Extrusions, diameter is 28mm, you can mount them on the wall and ceiling for&nbs..

$18.23 $8.99

Sale -38%
black led channel

Super Slim Linear Black LED Channel For 8mm LED Strips

The Super Slim Linear Black LED Channel can be recessed in a narrow place or hung on the ceiling for..

$11.37 $7.08

Sale -32%
LED Extrusion Profile

1.5 Inches LED Extrusion Profile With Diffuser For Up And Down Wall Lighting

The 1.5 inches LED Extrusion Profiles With Diffusers, which are designed for up-and-down wall lighti..

$58.30 $39.53

Sale -28%
Aluminum Profile For LED Light

Linear Aluminum Profile For Wall Lighting With Up And Down Light Design

The Linear Aluminum Profile For Wall Lighting, which are a great choice for wall lighting with up an..

$63.90 $46.10

Sale -23%
led profile diffuser

63mm LED Profile Diffuser With Up Down Light Design For Wall Lighting

The LED Profile Diffusers with up-and-down light designs are perfect for wall lighting or ceiling li..

$68.30 $52.93

Sale -21%
Surface Profile Light

Pendant Surface Profile Light For Ceiling With Up And Down Lighting Design

The Surface Profile Lights with up-and-down lighting design, and can be mounted on the wall or hung ..

$72.80 $57.49

Sale -46%
Wide LED Profile

Pendant 100mm Wide LED Profile For Ceiling Lighting

The 100mm Wide LED Profiles are perfect for adding a modern, high-quality lighting feature to any ro..

$88.10 $47.84

Sale -26%
strip light profile

4 Inches Strip Light Profile With Up And Down Lighting Design

The 4 Inches Strip Light Profile with up and down lighting design, which with big in size, with a wi..

$94.30 $70.08

Sale -29%
aluminium profiles for indirect lighting by led strips

Aluminium Profiles For Indirect Lighting By LED Strips

The Aluminium Profiles for Indirect lighting in residential and commercial lighting projects are mad..

$52.30 $36.98

Sale 9%
led strip u channel

Aluminum Extruded Elegant Linear LED Strip U Channel

The LED Strip U Channel for an indoor linear lighting project is a great way to add a modern touch t..

$24.30 $26.40

Sale -23%
Circular LED Extrusion

Circular LED Profile With Outer Glow Design

The Circular LED Profiles, which with outer glow designs are modern and sleek provide a unique and e..

$64.70 $49.90

Sale -45%
led aluminium profile light

3 Inches LED Aluminium Profile Light For Pendant

The 3 inches 75mm width LED Aluminium Profile Light, inner width is 64.2mm and is compatible with 14..

$41.90 $23.00

Sale -29%
led strip light mounting channel

50mm LED Strip Light Mounting Channel For Pendant

The 50mm width LED Strip Lighting Mounting Channel for Pendant Lighting, the inner width is 18.5mm a..

$25.10 $17.82

Sale -39%
led u channel

LED U Channel With 20mm Dropped PC Frosted Cover For Pendant Light

The LED U Channel with 20mm dropped PC frosted cover for wide and even light output is a great optio..

$46.70 $28.68

Sale -25%
Pendant Black Aluminum LED Channels

Aluminum LED Channel With PC Frosted Lens For Pendant Lights

The Aluminum LED Channel with PC frosted lens is a great way to provide a stylish and contemporary l..

$35.90 $26.80