Sale -20%
led aluminium profile 3m

60MM Round LED Aluminium Profile 3M

Check the 60mm Round LED Aluminium Profile 3M for ceiling suspended light, designed for versatile mo..

$25.10 $20.10

Sale -35%
4 Inches Round 100mm LED Profile Light

4 Inches Round 100MM Pendant LED Profile Light

Check the 4 Inches Round LED Profile for Pendant Light, made of the AL6063-T5 aluminum alloy and wit..

$54.70 $35.75

Sale 9%
led strip u channel

Aluminum Extruded Elegant Linear LED Strip U Channel

Check the LED Strip U Channel for an indoor linear lighting project, you can combine the various bea..

$24.30 $26.40

Sale -1%
Extruded Aluminum LED Housing

3.5 Inches Extruded Aluminum LED Housing For Indirect Lighting

Check the 3.5 inches Extruded Aluminum LED Housing, which with the big size for indirect lighting, a..

$35.10 $34.71

Sale -17%
75*95mm Up And Down Pendant Aluminum Light Channels

75*95MM Up And Down Pendant Aluminum Light Channels

Check the 75*95mm Aluminum Light Channels, which allow installing the LED Light on the upside and do..

$54.30 $45.29

Sale 1%
LED Aluminum Channel System For Pendant Light

LED Aluminum Channel System For Pendant Light

Check the LED Aluminum Channel System for a Pendant light, allowing the surface mounted or pendant i..

$41.20 $41.41

Sale -45%
led aluminium profile light

3 Inches LED Aluminium Profile Light For Pendant

Check the 3 inches 75mm width LED Aluminium Profile Light, the inner width is 64.2mm and compatible ..

$41.90 $23.00

Sale -21%
Surface Profile Light

Up And Down Surface Profile Light For Ceiling Pendant

Check the Surface Profile Light, which with Up and Down lighting design for ceiling pendant installa..

$72.80 $57.49

Sale 6%
LED Channel Diffuser

Anodized Silver Pendant LED Channel Diffuser With PC Frosted Lens

Check the Pendant LED Channel Diffuser, which is made of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy and with anodized si..

$35.40 $37.52

Sale -23%
led profile diffuser

2.5 Inches LED Profile Diffuser With Up Down Light Design

Check the 2.5" LED Profile Diffuser, which with up and down light design, the standard length is 1me..

$68.30 $52.93

Sale -6%
Aluminum Channel Holder For LED Strips

60*90mm Aluminum Channel Holder For LED Strips

Check the 60*90mm Aluminum Channel Holder for Flexible LED Strips, the inner width is 18.41mm and co..

$35.70 $33.50

Sale -15%
LED Strip Aluminium Profile

Square Pedant LED Strip Aluminium Profile 60x60mm

Check the Square LED Strip Aluminium Profiles, the width and height are 60mm, made of 6063-T5 alumin..

$25.40 $21.57

Sale -29%
aluminium profiles for indirect lighting by led strips

Aluminium Profiles For Indirect Lighting By LED Strips

Check the Aluminium Profiles for Indirect lighting in residential and commercial lighting projects, ..

$52.30 $36.98

Sale 8%
Up And Down Pendant LED Alu Profile

Up And Down Pendant LED Alu Profile

Check the 90mm Deep LED Alu Profiles for pendant up and down LED Linear Light, which allows pendant ..

$33.40 $36.18

Sale -27%
75mm Deep LED Channel

75mm Deep LED Channel For Pendant Installation

Check the 75mm Deep LED Channel, made of 6063-T5 aluminium alloy material and with silver anodized s..

$44.10 $32.16