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led linear fixture

Surface Mounted LED Linear Fixtures With Magnets

Check the LED Linear Fixtures, which can be cut to any length for your indoor linear lighting projec..

$9.14 $6.99

Sale -28%
low glare mounting channels

Trimless Recessed Low Glare Aluminum LED Strip Light Mounting Channels With Regressed Cover

Check the Trimless Recessed LED Strip Light Mounting Channels, which can be used for ceiling-to-wall..

$12.40 $8.99

Sale -28%
led strip light fixtures with single flange for drywall

Recessed LED Strip Light Fixtures With Single Flange For 5/8" Drywall

Check the LED Strip Light Fixtures with single flange, which can easily be recessed into the wall or..

$9.67 $6.99

Sale -29%
Aluminum Strip Lighting Diffuser

Recessed Aluminum Strip Lighting Diffuser Connectable

Check the Aluminum Strip Lighting Diffusers, the width is 18.5mm and can be recessed into the ceilin..

$8.47 $5.99

Sale -29%
aluminium track for led strip

3 Inches Aluminium Track For LED Strip With 20mm Dropped Cover

The 3 inches Aluminium Tracks come with 20mm dropped covers, comes with accessories that allow being..

$56.10 $39.90

Sale -40%
recessed rope light channel

39MM Recessed Rope Light Channel For Ceiling

Check the Recessed Rope Light Channels, a width of 39mm, which allow being recessed into the ceiling..

$25.10 $14.99

Sale -40%
led strip light aluminium profile

Recessed LED Strip Light Aluminium Profile With 20mm Dropped Lens

The Recessed LED Strip Light Aluminium Profiles have a 20mm dropped lens, which provides a wide, uni..

$65.30 $39.13

Sale -34%
Recessed LED Strip Light Diffuser Cover

Recessed LED Strip Light Diffuser Cover With Flange For Ceiling Lighting

The LED Strip Light Diffuser Cover with flange is a great way to add a modern touch to your ceiling ..

$56.10 $36.98

Sale -18%
led strip aluminium casing

4 Inches Recessed LED Strip Aluminium Casing For Linear Ceiling Lighting

The 4 inches LED Strip Aluminium Casing with flange, which with a 100mm extra-wide in size, is desig..

$36.50 $29.90

Sale -28%
Aluminum Profile For LED Light

Linear Aluminum Profile For Wall Lighting With Up And Down Light Design

The Linear Aluminum Profile For Wall Lighting, which are a great choice for wall lighting with up an..

$63.90 $46.10

Sale -23%
led profile diffuser

63mm LED Profile Diffuser With Up Down Light Design For Wall Lighting

The LED Profile Diffusers with up-and-down light designs are perfect for wall lighting or ceiling li..

$68.30 $52.93

Sale -21%
Surface Profile Light

Pendant Surface Profile Light For Ceiling With Up And Down Lighting Design

The Surface Profile Lights with up-and-down lighting design, and can be mounted on the wall or hung ..

$72.80 $57.49

Sale 8%
Up And Down Pendant LED Alu Profile

2 Inches Pendant LED Alu Profile With Up And Down Lighting Design

the 2 inches LED Alu Profiles with up and down lighting design are perfect for lighting up any space..

$33.40 $36.18

Sale 46%
Ceiling LED Strip Channel

1.5" Pendant Linear LED Ceiling Channels For Hanging Lights

The Pendant Linear LED Ceiling Channel is designed to be used with hanging lights. The standard leng..

$19.30 $28.14

Sale -57%
aluminum led strip light profile

1" Wide Aluminum LED Strip Light Profile With Dropped Round Cover

The Aluminum LED Strip Light Profile with dropped round cover, which is designed to keep the LED Str..

$13.80 $5.99