Sale -20%
led aluminium profile 3m

60MM Round LED Aluminium Profile 3M

Check the 60mm Round LED Aluminium Profile 3M for ceiling suspended light, designed for versatile mo..

$25.10 $20.10

Sale -39%
led strip profile 2m

40MM Pendant LED Strip Profile 2M

Check the 40mm LED Strip Profile 2M, which with a round shape and a diameter is 40mm, the suspension..

$25.30 $15.37

Sale -33%
36mm suspended profile light

360° T36 Round 36mm Suspended Profile Light

Check the 36mm round Suspended Profile Lights, which can install 3 groups of LED Strip Lights to all..

$25.30 $16.99

Sale -35%
4 Inches Round 100mm LED Profile Light

4 Inches Round 100MM Pendant LED Profile Light

Check the 4 Inches Round LED Profile for Pendant Light, made of the AL6063-T5 aluminum alloy and wit..

$54.70 $35.75

Sale -46%
bathroom skirting board

Recessed Skirting Board Profile Channel With Diffuser

Check the Skirting Board Profile Channel, which is designed for the foot line light or skirting ligh..

$27.30 $14.63

Sale -42%
led skirting board

Surface Mounted Aluminium Profile LED Skirting Board With Diffuser

Check the Surface Mounted LED Skirting Board with Diffuser, various lighting space available, 5mm, 1..

$25.40 $14.78

Sale -33%
black diffuser profile

Black Diffuser Profile For Baseboard Lighting

Check the Black Diffuser Profiles, which are made of 6063-T5 extruded aluminum material and with ano..

$13.47 $8.99

Sale -25%
silicon waterproof led channel

Flat Low Profile Silicon Waterproof LED Channel 5M/Reel

Check the Waterproof LED Channel, which made of high-quality silicone material, flexible and bendabl..

$95.80 $71.76

Sale -38%
Waterproof Flexible LED Profiles

Round Waterproof Flexible LED Profiles

Check the Round Flexible LED Profiles, which are made of high-quality silicone material, anti-oxidat..

$49.70 $30.99

Sale -20%
bendable led profile

IP67 Waterproof Silicon Flexible Bendable LED Profile

Check the Bendable LED Profiles, which are made of high-quality silicone material, flexible and bend..

$46.70 $37.17

Sale -35%
LED Strip Diffuser Flexible

Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Diffuser

Check the LED Strip Diffuser, which is made of high-quality silicone material, not toxic, no ba..

$52.30 $33.79

Sale -36%
Silicone LED Channel For LED Tape Light

Corner Mounted Silicone LED Channel

Check the Silicone LED Channel for corner mounted installation, made of high-quality silicone materi..

$46.70 $29.99

Sale -24%
Flexible LED Strip Channel

Low Profile Silicone Flexible LED Strip Channel 5Meters/Reel

Check the low profile Flexible LED Strip Channel, the inner width is 11.2mm, compatible with 8mm or ..

$48.30 $36.47

Sale -38%
Bendable LED Channel

Waterproof Silicone Bendable LED Channel 5M/Reel

Check the Bendable LED Channel, 5meters per reel, with the square shape and the inner width is 7mm, ..

$36.10 $22.51

Sale -43%
low profile waterproof led profiles

Low Profile Bendable Waterproof LED Profile 5Meters/Reel

Check the Low Profile Waterproof LED Profiles, which made of high-quality silicone material, bendabl..

$33.50 $19.05