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3528 LED Light Module Non-Waterproof
Specs For 3528 LED Light Module: Working voltage:DC12V Waterproof level: IP20 Light source:..
High Power LED Light Module 2.88W
Specs For High Power LED Light Module: Size:43.6*36.6*13.7mm Working voltage: DC12V Power:2..
High Power Samsung LED Module
Specs For Samsung LED Module: Size:43.6*36.6*3.7mm Working Voltage:DC12V Wattage:2.88w C..
2835 LED Lighting Module 3LEDs
Specs For LED lighting module: Size:81.5*18.5*8.5mm Working voltage: DC12V Wattage:1.44W ..
5730 LED Backlight Module With Lens
Specs for 5730 LED backlight module: SIZE:67*18*5.7mm Working voltage:DC12V Wattage: 1.44w ..
5730 12V LED Module 3LEDs
Specs For 5730 12v LED Module: Size:76.5*12.8*5.7mm Working voltage: DC12V Wattage: 1.44w ..
Square 5730 LED Light Module
Specs for 5730 LED Light Module: Size:37.2*50.2*8.6mm Working voltage:DC12V Wattage:1.92w ..
6SMD 5050 LED Light Module
Specs For 5050 LED Light Module: Size: 67*30*5.7mm Working Voltage: DC12V Wattage: 1.44W/PC..
Constant Current 2835 LED String Module
Specs of 5050 LED String Module: Size:81.5*18.5*8.5mm Working voltage: DC12V Power:1.44w ..
DC12V 3528 SMD LED Module
Specs For 3528 SMD LED modules: Size:67*19*5.7mm Voltage:DC12V Power:0.24W Colors:white,..
Injection 5050 SMD LED Module
Specs For 5050 SMD LED module: Size: 49*15*6.7mm Working voltage:DC12V Power:0.4W Colors..
DC12V Injection 5730 Outdoor LED Module With Lens
Specs For Outdoor LED Module: Size:49*15*6.7mm Working voltage:DC12V Power:1.08W Colors:..
Single Color Square LED Module With Lens DC12V
Descriptions: The patented shell single color LED module,with slim square size and small size 505..
5630 LED Sign Module With Samsung LEDs
Description: LED sign module working in DC12V,use high bright 5630 samsung SMD LEDs as light sour..
Vehicle LED Module String With Lens
Description: Vehicle LED module string,10pcs modules per string,use high bright 2835 SMD LEDs as ..

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