Sale -35%

Black Aluminium LED Channel

The Black Aluminium LED Channel, which specially designed for the Stair Surface Mounted LED Project,..

$15.10 $9.80

Sale -31%

LED Aluminum Profile 2M For Sale

The LED Aluminum Profile 2M For Sale, which made of 6063-T5 anodized aluminium material for the bett..

$7.23 $5.00

Sale -45%

LED Light Channels And Diffusers

The LED Light Channels And Diffusers, which designed for Surface Mounted or Recessed Mounted LED Pro..

$7.21 $4.00

Sale -63%

Recessed Mounted Aluminium Extrusions For LED Lighting

The Aluminium Extrusions For LED Lighting, you can use them for the recessed mounted of surface-moun..

$8.14 $3.00

Sale -27%

LED Channels And Diffusers For Tape Lighting

The LED Channels And Diffusers for Tape Lighting, which made of the 6063-T5 anodized aluminium mater..

$8.21 $6.00

Sale -49%

Waterproof Aluminum Profile For Refrigerator LED Strip Lighting

The Waterproof Aluminum Profile For Refrigerator LED Strip Lighting, made of PMMA frosted and lightd..

$7.80 $4.00

Sale -68%

LED Tape Aluminium Profile LED

The LED Tape Aluminium Profile LED made of high-quality 60603-T5 material for the better anti-oxagen..

$22.00 $7.00

Sale -44%

Aluminum LED Light Profile

The Aluminum LED Light Profile made of high-quality anodized aluminum material, with the longer..

$27.00 $15.00

Sale -65%

Slim Linear LED Tape LED Aluminum Profile

The LED Aluminum Profile made of the high-quality anodized aluminum material, which provides maximum..

$10.00 $3.50

Sale -64%

Slim Linear LED Strip Aluminium LED Profile

The Aluminum LED Profile made of better-anodized aluminum material. you can choose the different len..

$11.00 $4.00

Sale -71%

Light Strip LED Alu Profile For Surface Mounted

The LED Alu Profile for surface mounted, made of high-quality anodized aluminium material, the ..

$12.00 $3.50

Sale -63%

LED Profile Alu For Corner Mounted

The LED Profile Alu with an anodized aluminum finish, 6 different covers available, you ca..

$12.00 $4.50

Sale -60%

Flat RGB LED Strip Aluminium LED Extrusion Profile

The Anodized Aluminum LED Extrusion Profile suit for flexible LED strips, the LED Profiles made of A..

$10.00 $4.00

Sale -65%

Corner Mounted Squar Alu LED Profile

The square Alu LED profile for corner mounted, which made of anodized aluminum material. the standar..

$10.00 $3.50

Sale -70%

Corner Mounted 5050 LED Strip Alu LED Profil

The Alu LED Profil works with Flexible LED Strips, made of high quality 6063-T5 anodized alumiInum m..

$10.00 $3.00