Sale -58%

Light Strip LED Alu Profile For Surface Mounted

The LED Alu Profile for surface mounted LED project, made of high-quality anodized aluminum material..

$12.00 $4.99

Sale -50%

Flat RGB LED Strip Aluminium LED Extrusion Profile

The Anodized Aluminum LED Extrusion Profile floor recess installation, which made of 6063-T5 aluminu..

$10.00 $4.99

Sale -37%

DC12V 5050 60LEDs Per Meter 5050 LED Strip

The 5050 LED strips, use high-quality 5050 SMD LEDs as a light source, double layer PCB board, ..

$28.36 $17.99

Sale -38%

DC12V 5050 30LEDs Per Meter LED Strip 5050

Check the LED Strips 5050, use high quality 5050 SMD LEDs as light source, 30LEDs per meter, 5meters..

$25.50 $15.70

Sale -42%

DC12V 3PCS 5050 LED Module

Check the 5050 LED Modules, which use 3PCS super bright 5050 SMD LEDs as the light source, the 5050 ..

$13.72 $7.99

Sale -40%

DC12V 3528 60LEDs Per Meter LED Strip Light

Check the 3528 LED Strip Lights, 60LEDs per meter, use the 3528 SMD LEDs as the light source, the SM..

$21.60 $12.99

Sale -18%

DC12V 3528 120LEDs Per Meter LED Light Strip

Check the 3528 LED Light Strips, working in DC12V, use the 3528 SMD LEDs as the light source, variou..

$23.10 $18.90

Sale -50%

Corner Mounted Square Alu LED Profile

The square Alu LED profile for corner mounted, made of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy material and with the ..

$10.00 $4.99

Sale -50%

Corner Mounted 5050 LED Strip Alu LED Profil

The Round Corner Alu LED Profil works with Flexible LED Strips, made of high-quality 6063-T5 aluminu..

$10.00 $4.99

Sale -55%

Aluminium LED Strip Profile For Surface Mounted

The Aluminium LED Strip Profile with an optic lens for narrow beam 15° application, the inner width ..

$14.00 $6.30

Sale -32%

60LEDs Per Meter 3528 RGB LED Strip

Check the 3528 RGB LED Strips, which use the red, blue and green 3528 SMD LEDs as the light source, ..

$13.30 $8.99

Sale -58%

45° LED Profile Alu For Corner Mounted

The 45° LED Profile Alu with an anodized aluminum finish, which can light up the corners under the c..

$12.00 $4.99

Sale -38%

3PCS 3528 LEDs Waterproof LED Module

The 3528 Waterproof LED Module uses super bright 3528 SMD LEDs as the light source, each piece LED m..

$13.00 $8.00