Sale -40%

Side Glow Fiber Optic OFC Lighting For Car Decoration

Check the Side Glow Fiber Optic OFC Lighting, which is made of PMMA material, transparent, nice surf..

$10.43 $6.30

Sale -44%

Addressable Dual Signal 6 Pin WS2813 SMD 5050 RGB LEDs

Check the WS2813 SMD 5050 RGB LEDs, which is the upgraded version of WS2812B LEDs, with 6 pins and d..

$5.32 $2.99

Sale -52%

SK6812 3535/5050 SMD RGB LED Addressable

Check the SK6812 Addressable RGB SMD LEDs, there are two types of LEDs available, 5050 and 3535. bot..

$6.24 $2.99

Sale -38%

SK6812 RGBW Replacement SMD LED Chips With IC

Check the SK6812 RGBW Replacement SMD LED Chips, which built-in SK6812 IC, the SMD LEDs not just inc..

$4.81 $2.99

Sale -40%

DC5V WS2812B ECO Dreamcolor Programmable LEDs Strips

The WS2812B ECO Programmable LEDs Strips, which is the economic version of the WS212B LED Strips, th..

$8.31 $4.99

Sale -43%

WiFi WS2812B TV Ambient Light Kit For HDMI-compatible Devices Supports Music & Voice

Check the Ambient Light Kit For HDMI-compatible 4K TVs, various length products are available for th..

$143.70 $81.30

Sale -67%

WS2812B LED Strips Individually Addressable RGB Full Color DC5V 5050 SMD

Check the WS2812B LED Strips, which with built-in IC and the IC type is WS2812B(the upgraded version..

$15.30 $5.04

Sale -52%

Dotless Dimmable DC12V COB LED Strip Light Flexible

Check the DC12V COB LED Strip Light, which uses the new COB technology to produce seamless linear li..

$10.30 $4.99

Sale -53%

Dimmable COB LED Strip 5V With USB Controller

Check the 5V COB LED Strips, which with USB Controller, easy to connect to the USB port on PC, lapto..

$13.40 $6.30

Sale -28%

Tunable White COB LED Strip 24V Dimmable

Check the Tunable White COB LED Strips, which allows adjusting the color temperature from 3000K(Warm..

$8.31 $5.99

Sale -49%

PIR-8 Infrared Motion Sensor Light Switch For LED

Check the PIR-8 Light Switch with Infrared Motion Sensor, the Sensor Switch will turn ON when somebo..

$13.70 $6.99

Sale -45%

TC421 WiFi Programmable LED Time Controller

Check the TC421 LED Time Controller, which with 5 output channels design, you can use for Single Col..

$58.30 $31.90

Sale -50%

Seamless RGB COB LED Tape High CRI NO Visible Dots DC12V/24V 16.4FT

Check the Flexible Seamless RGB COB LED Tapes, which use the high-quality 1022 LED Chips as light so..

$56.40 $28.30

Sale -32%

2P Solderless COB LED Connector For Single Color Strip Lights

Check the 2P Solderless COB LED Connectors, which with 2P connectors and are designed for Single Col..

$10.30 $6.99

Sale -36%

DC24V Waterproof RGBW Outdoor Wall Wash Lighting Strips

Check the Waterproof Outdoor Wall Wash Lighting Strips, which have various beam angle products for l..

$29.30 $18.70

Sale -9%

DC24V White Waterproof LED Wall Washer Light Strips

Check the Waterproof LED Wall Washer Light Strips, which can replace the traditional Wall Washer Lig..

$98.30 $89.20

Sale -40%

DC24V DMX512 RGB LED Washer Light Strips

Check the DMX512 RGB LED Washer Light Strips, which adopts TPU material and fill and seal with PU gl..

$35.10 $21.20

Sale -23%

Waterproof Round Silicone 360° D16 Neon Light Strips

Check the Round LED Neon Light Strips, which are made of pure silicone material for excellent resist..

$64.30 $49.30

Sale -38%


Check the RGB SMD LED Chips, which built-in WS2812B IC, you can use them to replace the broken LEDs ..

$4.83 $2.99

Sale -49%

DC12V Strip Light Switching LED Linear Driver

Check the DC12V Strip Light Switching LED Linear Drivers, which are made of metal and aluminum mater..

$13.70 $6.99

Sale -41%

Super Narrow 2.7mm DC12V Flexible COB LED Stripe

Check the Super Narrow Flexible COB LED Stripe, the width is only 2.7mm, you can install them in a v..

$35.40 $20.90

Sale -46%

DC5V Individually Addressable WS2812B Pixel LED Ring Panel

Check the Individually Addressable WS2812B Pixel LED Ring Panel, which uses 16PCS RGB SMD LEDs as th..

$9.24 $4.99

Sale -41%

DC3V-12V-24V Variable Power Supply With Knob Switch

Check the Variable Power Supply for LED Lights, which has 3 type products available, you can choose ..

$15.30 $9.00

Sale -40%

DC5V Full Color Magic WS2812B Battery Powered Christmas Lights

Check the Battery Powered Christmas Lights, which working in DC5V and can be powered by the batterie..

$19.20 $11.50

Sale -30%

DC5V WS2812B Copper Wire Christmas Tree Lights

Check the Copper Wire Christmas Tree Lights, working in DC5V, easy to install and light up, the LEDs..

$12.60 $8.80