Sale -47%

Flush Mounted Black Magnetic LED Track Lighting Rail

Check the Magnetic LED Track Lighting Rails, which with strong magnetic suction, easy to install and..

$18.70 $9.99

Sale -32%

Plastering Flush Mounted Magnetic Rail Track Lighting Channels

Check the Plastering Flush Mounted Magnetic Rail Track Lighting Channels, which with strong magnetic..

$14.70 $10.00

Sale 14%

Track Lighting Pendant Magnetic Rail Channels

Check the Track Lighting Pendant Magnetic Rail Channels, which with strong magnetic suction design t..

$13.20 $14.99

Sale -27%

Waterflow LED Strip RF Controller With Wireless Remote Control

Check the Waterflow LED Strip RF Controller with Wireless Remote Control, which can work with the wh..

$6.87 $4.99

Sale -40%

12*12MM Dot-Free Top Bend DC24V Waterproof Silicone LED Neon Tapes 16.4FT

Check the 12MM Square Silicone LED Neon Tapes, which are made of high-quality silicone material and ..

$45.20 $26.99

Sale -29%

10*10MM Waterproof 24VDC Side Light Neon Flexible Strip Lights Dot-Free 16.4FT

These Side Light Neon Flexible Strip Lights will bring the most excellent performance for a variety ..

$38.10 $26.99

Sale -41%

06*12MM Waterproof 24V Side Lighting Flex Neon LED Strip Lights 16.4FT

Check the 06*12mm Side Lighting Neon LED Strip Lights, which is a great way to add a modern and styl..

$47.60 $27.99

Sale -21%

25MM Round 360° View DC24V Flex Neon LED Strips 16.4FT

These Round Neon LED Strips are ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting projects. They are extrem..

$84.70 $66.68

Sale -17%

Waterproof LED Interior Car Light Module With Switch For Reading Lighting

Check the LED Interior Car Light Module, which works in DC12V, use high bright 5730 SMD LEDs as a li..

$12.00 $9.99

Sale -14%

Waterproof SMD 5050 LED Module With Metal Shell 20PCS/String

Check the Waterproof SMD 5050 LED Modules, with the super-slim square shape and metal base, uses 4PC..

$11.60 $9.99

Sale -37%

Injection Mini 3 LED Module For Wheel Eyebrow Lights

Check the Mini 3 LED Modules for wheel eyebrow lights, which use 3PCS high-bright 0.5W 2835 SMD LEDs..

$15.90 $9.99

Sale -28%

Waterproof Samsung LED Modules With Lens

The Waterproof  Samsung LED Modules with the lens, energy-saving and environment friendly, the ..

$12.47 $8.99

Sale -49%

S Shape Foldable Individually Addressable Smart Pixel LED Strip Lights 16.4FT

Check the S Shape Foldable Pixel LED Strips, the width is only 6mm. the white PCB board with an s sh..

$25.60 $12.99

Sale -20%

5MM 5VDC Side Light RGB WS2812 LED Strips Individually Addressable 16.4FT

Check the super thin side light WS2812 LED Strips, the width is only 5mm, you can install them in a ..

$47.30 $37.99

Sale -37%

DC5V LED Strip Light Power Supply With DC Connector

Check the DC5V LED Strip Light Power Supply, which with a 5.5mm*2.5mm standard DC Connector, the out..

$4.78 $2.99

Sale -41%

L Shape COB LED Strip Light Plugs For Corner Installation

Check the COB LED Strip Light Plugs, which with an L shape and you can use them for corner installat..

$6.74 $3.99

Sale -24%

Surface Mounted LED Linear Fixtures With Magnets

Check the LED Linear Fixtures, the standard length is 1M and the max length can do 6M, can be cut to..

$9.14 $6.99

Sale -31%

Surface Mounted Wall Light Fixture Channel View Angle Adjustable

Check the Wall Light Fixture Channel, which can be used for linear wall lighting for indoor decorati..

$8.67 $5.99

Sale -29%

Bendable Aluminum Channel Holder For Silicone Profiles 16.4FT

Check the Aluminum Channel Holders, which with hollow design, flexible and bendable. you can use the..

$8.47 $5.99

Sale -28%

Trimless Recessed Low Glare Aluminum LED Strip Light Mounting Channels With Regressed Cover

Check the Trimless Recessed LED Strip Light Mounting Channels, which can be used for ceiling-to-wall..

$12.40 $8.99

Sale -28%

Recessed LED Strip Light Fixtures With Single Flange For 5/8" Drywall

Check the LED Strip Light Fixtures with single flange, which easily can be recessed into the wall or..

$9.67 $6.99

Sale -19%

Seamless WS2812B Addressable Smart Light Strips 16.4FT

Check the Addressable Smart Light Strips, the width of the PCB board is 12mm and 16.4 ft per reel, t..

$58.90 $47.99

Sale -37%

High Density COB 4MM DC3V Battery LED Strip Lights 16.4FT/Roll

Check the Battery LED Strip Lights, the working voltage is DC3V, which can be powered by batteries. ..

$28.70 $17.99

Sale -14%

Battery Powered Seamless COB RGBIC LED Strip Lights 16.4FT

Check the Battery Powered Seamless COB RGBIC LED Strip Lights, which use the newest COB(Chip-On-Boar..

$57.80 $49.90

Sale -23%

12mm Deep Recessed Light Strip Channel With Flange For Wall Lighting

Check the 12mm Deep lightweight recessed Light Strip Channel with flanges, which can be recessed int..

$6.47 $4.99

Sale -29%

18.5mm Recessed Aluminum Strip Lighting Diffuser Connectable

Check the Aluminum Strip Lighting Diffusers, the width is only 18.5mm and can be recessed into the c..

$8.47 $5.99

Sale -18%

24V WS2814 RGBW RGBIC LED Strips 16.4FT

Check the WS2814 RGBIC LED Strips, which use RGBW 5050 SMD LEDs as the light source, the LED include..

$25.70 $20.99

Sale -61%

LED Lighting Module For LS30 Series Light Channels

The Rigid LED Lighting Modules are specially designed for LS30 Light Channels, which you can use for..

$12.70 $4.99

Sale -37%

Clear Plastic LED Channel For Strip Lights

Check the Clear Plastic LED Channels, which are designed for the low voltage waterproof SMD LED Stri..

$3.14 $1.99

Sale -35%

Corner Low Voltage Light Connectors For COB Strips

Check the Low Voltage Light Connectors for COB Strips, which with an "L" shape design for corner ins..

$9.17 $5.99

Sale -52%

L Shape Corner COB LED Strip Light Connectors

Check the COB LED Light Strip Connectors, which with an L shape design and can be used for corner in..

$8.31 $3.99

Sale -26%

5MM DC5V WS2812 COB Programming LED Strip Lights Individually Addressable

Check the COB Programming LED Strip Lights, with the newest chip-on-board technology and super narro..

$67.10 $49.90

Sale -19%

5VDC 5mm COB RGB Light Strips Dotless 16.4FT/Reel

Check the Super Narrow COB RGB Light Strips, the width is only 5mm, easy to be installed in cars, tr..

$46.80 $37.99

Sale -28%

LED COB Tape 5VDC 4MM Seamless Color Temperature Adjustable

Check the Tunable White LED COB Tape, which with super narrow size and width only 4mm. works on 5VDC..

$47.20 $33.99

Sale -25%

Bendable Waterproof Silicone LED Strip Light Cover 16.4FT

Check the LED Strip Light Covers, which are made of silicone material, flexible and bendable, 16.4FT..

$22.70 $16.99

Sale -27%

Outdoor LED Strip Lights IP67 Waterproof Seamless Dotless 16.4FT

Check the Outdoor LED Strip Lights, the COB Light Strips are sealed into the silicone tube, flexible..

$38.40 $27.99

Sale -33%

Signal Booster For Magic Color Digital LED Strips 1 To 4 / 1 To 8

Check the Signal Booster for Magic Color Digital LED Strips, can choose the 1 To 4 or 1 To 8. the Li..

$7.41 $4.99

Sale -38%

RGB CCT Connecting LED Strip Light Waterproof 16.4FT

Check the RGB CCT Connecting LED Strip Lights, which use the high-quality 5 in 1 5050 SMD LEDs as th..

$24.20 $14.99

Sale -25%

Programmable LED Strip Light Kit Music Sync Firework Style

Check the Programmable LED Strip Light Kits, which can achieve the firework lighting effect for indo..

$17.30 $12.99

Sale -29%

LED Light Tape S Shape 12V 5M 300LEDs

Check the LED Light Tape with s shape design and use high brightness 2835 or 5050 SMD LEDs as the li..

$25.30 $17.99

Sale -20%

WS2812B LED Christmas Tree Light Multicolor Indoor DIY 5VDC

Check the WS2812B LED Christmas Tree Light, which uses 400PCS as the light source, the LEDs are moun..

$85.40 $68.00

Sale -44%

WS2812B LED Strips 5MM 5050 SMD DC5V Individually Addressable

Check the WS2812B LED Strips, which with ultra-narrow size design and the width only 5mm, you can in..

$35.70 $19.90

Sale -40%

4MM Battery Powered 5V COB Strip LED Lights

Check the COB Strip LED Lights, which work in DC5V and can be powered by batteries, with an ultra-th..

$34.80 $20.99

Sale -33%

5VDC WS2812B Immersion AMB Light For PC Screen Monitor

Check the 5DVC WS2812B Immersion AMB Light FOR PC screen monitor, the RGBIC LED Strips will display ..

$25.40 $17.00

Sale -27%

APP Control 20M RGBIC LED Strip Light Kits

Check the RGBIC LED Strip Light Kits, you can choose the 5M, 10M, 15M and max 20M versions for your ..

$27.30 $19.90

Sale -25%

DC5V WS2812B Dreamcolor RGB Decorative Light Kit With USB Port

Check the WS2812B Decorative Light Kit, SP611E Controller and remote control are included and attach..

$15.30 $11.40

Sale -18%

AC220V High Voltage COB LED Strip Lights

Check the High Voltage AC220V COB LED Strip Lights, which use the high-quality San An 1015 LED Chips..

$25.90 $21.30

Sale -26%

Side Emitting White COB LED Strips 24V

Check the Side Emitting COB LED Strips, which have a COB luminous surface, the light is evenly and s..

$13.70 $10.20

Sale -27%

Flexible Pixel RGB LED Matrix Display Panel

Check the Flexible Pixel RGB LED Matrix Display Panel, which can be controlled by the mobile APP thr..

$38.10 $27.65

Sale -29%

3MM 12VDC SMD 3014 LED Strips Dimmable

Check the 3014 SMD LED Strips, 90PCS SMD LEDs mounted on the one-meter dual-layer PCB board, flexibl..

$22.40 $16.00