Sale -25%

T-790K DMX512 RGB Pixel Controller With 8 Ports Supports Madrix

Check the T-790K RGB Pixel Controllers, which with 8PCS 3Pin Connecting Ports, each port can carry u..

$268.00 $199.99

Sale -31%

T-300K Full Color Online LED Pixel Controller

Check the T-300K Full Color Online LED Pixel Controller, which is designed to be compatible with mos..

$283.40 $195.70

90W UFO LED Grow Light

1. UFO LED grow light, use 3w high power LED as the light source.2. working in AC100V to AC240V, pow..


Sale -10%

Pendant Round Light Up And Down Black Aluminium LED Profile

Check the Pendant Round Black Aluminium LED Profile, made of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy material, with t..

$144.00 $129.90

Sale -41%

K-8000C Programmable RGB Pixel SD Card LED Controller With 8 Ports

Check the K-8000C Programmable RGB Pixel SD Card LED Controller, which with 8 output ports and the m..

$198.30 $116.99

70W Street Light LED

70w street light LED uses 70pcs high quality and brightness Epistar LEDs as the light source, with p..


Sale -33%

K-4000C Programmable Controller With 4 Ports Supports SD Card

The K-4000C Programmable Controller for Digital LED Strip Lights, which with 4 output ports and each..

$134.70 $89.98

Sale -9%

DC24V White Waterproof LED Wall Washer Light Strips

Check the Waterproof LED Wall Washer Light Strips, which can replace the traditional Wall Washer Lig..

$98.30 $89.20

50W LED Outdoor Flood Fights

50W LED outdoor flood lights, use one piece high power bridgelux COB LED as light source, warm white..


30W Outdoor Flood Lights

Outdoor flood lights, use18pcs high powered LEDs as light source, totally output 2560lm, warm white ..


Sale -43%

WiFi WS2812B TV Ambient Light Kit For HDMI-compatible Devices Supports Music & Voice

Check the Ambient Light Kit For HDMI-compatible 4K TVs, various length products are available for th..

$143.70 $81.30

20W LED Flood Light

The 20W LED Flood Light, which uses 12PCS high-power Epistar LEDs as the light source, working in AC..


Sale -20%

Color Changing Digital Addressable COB LED Strips

Check the Color Changing Addressable COB LED Strips, 1meter per reel, which uses the high-quality Sa..

$98.10 $78.20

20W LED Lawn Light

The 20W LED Lawn Light, with patented aluminum shell and tempered glass, uses 12PCS high power LEDs ..


Sale -25%

Flat Low Profile Silicon Waterproof LED Channel 5M/Reel

Check the Waterproof LED Channel, which made of high-quality silicone material, flexible and bendabl..

$95.80 $71.76

Sale -26%

4 inches Up And Down Strip Light Profile Pendant & Wall Mounted

Check the 4 Inches Strip Light Profile with up and down lighting design, which with big size, the wi..

$94.30 $70.08

Sale -20%

WS2812B LED Christmas Tree Light Multicolor Indoor DIY 5VDC

Check the WS2812B LED Christmas Tree Light, which uses 400PCS as the light source, the LEDs are moun..

$85.40 $68.00

Sale -21%

25MM Round 360° View DC24V Flex Neon LED Strips 16.4FT

These Round Neon LED Strips are ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting projects. They are extrem..

$84.70 $66.68

Sale -21%

Up And Down Surface Profile Light For Ceiling Pendant

Check the Surface Profile Light, which with Up and Down lighting design for ceiling pendant installa..

$72.80 $57.49

Sale -2%

K-1000C SPI Programmable Pixel LED Controller

Check the K-1000C SPI Programmable Pixel LED Controller, which supports all the types of smart ICs o..

$56.30 $54.98

Sale -26%

Round Addressable Digital Neon Light Strips

Check the Round Digital Neon Light Strips, the diameter is 19mm and 5 meters per piece. the high-qua..

$73.47 $54.19

2216 420 LEDs LED Tape Light

The 2216 420 LEDs LED tape light, uses high-quality 2216 LEDs as the light source, the LEDs built-in..


Sale -23%

2.5 Inches LED Profile Diffuser With Up Down Light Design

Check the 2.5" LED Profile Diffuser, which with up and down light design, the standard length is 1me..

$68.30 $52.93

Sale -23%

Smart Home Center Voice Control Terncy GW02 Zigbee Hub

Check the Smart Home Center Terncy GW02 Zigbee Hub, which supports connecting up to 80-100PCS Device..

$64.80 $49.90

Sale -26%

Ring LED Strip Lighting Channel

The Ring LED Strip Lighting Channel, is made of 6063-T5 Anodized Aluminum material, there are four d..

$67.80 $49.90