Sale -38%

AC110V COB LED Strips With US Power Plug Outdoor Waterproof Dotless

Check the High Voltage AC110V COB LED Strips, working in AC110V, come with a US power plug, can conn..

$48.10 $29.90

Sale -33%

0-10V Knob Wall Panel LED Dimmer

The Knob Wall Panel LED Dimmer works between AC90V to AC265V, can connect to the home power system d..

$18.10 $12.20

Sale -23%

0.3 Inch Super Slim Profile Light Price For Cabinets

Check the super slim Profile Light Price, the width and height are only 0.3 inches, you could instal..

$5.17 $4.00

Sale -43%

1 TO 2 1 TO 3 1 TO 4 4PIN RGB LED Connector

Check the 1 to multiple 4PIN RGB LED Connectors, 1 to 2, 1 to 3, 1 to 4 and 1 to 5 available, the en..

$0.99 $0.56

Sale -65%

1 TO 3 LED DC Connector

Check the 1 TO 3 LED DC Connectors, which includes 1PC Female DC Connector and 3PCS Male DC Connecto..

$1.50 $0.52

Sale -34%

1.5 Inches Trimless Recessed LED Drywall Extrusion For Gypsum

Check the 1.5 inches Trimless Recessed LED Drywall Extrusion for gypsum, which is designed for mount..

$15.70 $10.32

Sale -32%

1.5 Inches Wide Indirect LED Extrusion Profile With PC Frosted Diffuser

Check the 38*115mm 1.5 inches Indirect LED Extrusion Profiles, the inner width is 18.5mm and compati..

$58.30 $39.53

Sale -34%

1.5inch Pendant Aluminium Profile Light

The Aluminium Profile Light for the ceiling pendant installation, with dual layers structure fo..

$33.50 $22.11

Sale -33%

1/2" Wall Wash Recessed Lighting Channel With Flange

The Wall Wash Recessed Lighting Channel With Flange, which can be recessed into 1/2“ drywall for the..

$13.51 $8.99

100LEDs Solar LED String Lighting

The Solar LED String Lighting, powered by one solar panel, the panel build-in one-piece 600mAh NI-MH..


Sale -46%

100mm Wide LED Profile For Ceiling Pendant Light

Check the big size square Wide LED Profiles, the width is 100mm and you can use them for the linear ..

$88.10 $47.84

Sale -49%

10Meters LED Wire Lights With USB Cable

The LED Wire Light uses high-quality copper wire and low-heat emission LEDs, longer lifespan and sav..

$5.87 $2.99

10W Solar LED Flood Light

The Solar LED Flood Light, which uses 1 piece 10W High Power LED as the light source, warm white and..


Sale -46%

12.5mm Drywall Inside Corner Plasterboard Light Channel

Check the Inside Corner Plasterboard Light Channels, which can be recessed into the 12.5mm drywall f..

$9.17 $4.99

Sale -43%

12.5mm Drywall LED Lighting Fixture For Architectural Lighting

Check the LED Lighting Fixture for Architectural Lighting, which can be used for drywall or plasterb..

$8.75 $4.99