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Sinlge Color Mini LED Strip Amplifier

12V 144W Sinlge Color Mini LED Strip Amplifier

Check the Mini LED Strip Amplifier, which is designed for the Constant Voltage Single Color LED Stri..

$5.43 $1.99

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Mini RGB LED Amplifier

12V 72W Mini Inline RGB LED Amplifier

Check the Mini Inline RGB LED Amplifier, working in DC12V, with 3 output channels design, the max ou..

$5.48 $1.99

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Single Color LED Light Mini Amplifier

DC5-24V 12A LED Light Mini Amplifier For Single Color LED Lights

Check the LED Light Mini Amplifiers, with the small size and lightweight design, the widely working ..

$5.53 $1.99

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LED Strip Mini Amplifier

LED Strip Mini Amplifier DC12V 72W

Mini LED amplifier, can work with 3528 RGB LED strips and 5050 color changing flexible LED strips, c..

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rgbw power amplifier

12V 288W LED RGBW Amplifier

Check the LED RGBW Amplifier, with the aluminum shell design for better heat dissipation, with 4 out..

$10.60 $4.99

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rgb led strip amplifier

DC12V 144W RGB LED Signal Amplifier

Check the RGB LED Signal Amplifiers, which with the aluminium shell for the better heat dissipation,..

$9.60 $5.99

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DC12V RGB LED Amplifier

DC12V 24V 30A RGB LED Amplifier

Check the RGB LED Amplifier, which can compatible with all our RGB LED Controller, adopts the PWM co..

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RGB LED Amplifier

DC12V 360W RGB LED Strip Amplifier

Check the RGB LED Strip Amplifier, with the metal shell design for better heat dissipation, working ..

$14.70 $7.99

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12V Single Color LED Booster

Single Color LED Booster 12V 300W

The Single Color LED Booster with the constant voltage design can work with all kinds of constant vo..

$12.10 $7.99

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RGBW LED Repeater

RGBW LED Repeater 12V 384W

The RGBW LED Repeater is the constant working voltage product, working in DC12V or DC24V, can work w..

$15.60 $8.99

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4 Channel High Speed Miboxer PA4 RGBW Amplifier

4 Channel High Speed Miboxer PA4 RGBW Amplifier

Check the MiBoxer PA4 RGBW Amplifier, which with 4 high-speed output channels design, can be used fo..

$19.30 $10.50

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miboxer pa5

MiBoxer PA5 5 Channels High Performance LED RGB Amplifier

Check the MiBoxer PA5 LED RGB Amplifier with 5 channels design, you can use for RGB, RGBW, RGBWW, RG..

$25.30 $11.63

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2.4G Wireless Signal Repeater

2.4GHz Wireless Signal LED Repeater For Sync Control

Check the Wireless Signal LED Repeater for Sync Control, working in AC90-265V, can connect it to the..

$23.70 $13.90

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SP901E Signal Amplifier

SP901E Signal Amplifier With 4/8 SPI Output Channels

Check the SP901E SPI Signal Amplifier, which is compatible with all kinds of 5V TTL signal dual sign..

$25.30 $14.30

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1 Channel Signal Power Amplifier

MiBoxer SYS-T2 1 Channel Signal Amplifier

Check the MiBoxer SYS-T2 Signal Amplifier, which with 1 output channel design and the max output pow..

$28.30 $15.00