Sale -62%

Strip Light LED Mounting profile

The LED mounting profile for strip lights, made of anodized aluminum, default length 1meter,2meter a..

$25.00 $9.50

Sale -55%

Recessed Strip Light LED Channel

This style LED channel made of anodized aluminum, default length 1meter, can select 2meter..

$20.00 $9.00

Sale -41%

Recessed Aluminium LED Light Profile

This style recessed aluminium LED light profile suit for wall or ceiling mounting decoration, defaul..

$26.00 $15.40

Sale -68%

LED Tape Aluminium Profile LED

The aluminum profile LED made of anodized aluminum, four different covers avaliable, PMMA opal matte..

$22.00 $7.00

Sale -60%

LED Lighting Profile For Stairs

Aluminum LED lighting profile for stair lighting use, made of anodized aluminum, default length 1met..

$22.00 $8.70

Sale -57%

High Power Recessed LED Aluminium Channel

High power recessed LED aluminum channel, made of anodized aluminum, the default length 1meter, cust..

$20.00 $8.70

Sale -59%

Corner LED Strip Channel

Corner LED strip channel, default length 1meter per piece, can select other lengths, 2meter and 2.5m..

$17.00 $7.00

Sale -59%

Ceiling LED Aluminium Profile

High power LED aluminum profile made of anodized aluminum, the default length is 1meter, 2meter and ..

$22.00 $9.00

Sale -44%

Aluminum LED Light Profile

LED light profile made of anodized aluminum, longer lifespan and easy clean. the alu LED profil..

$27.00 $15.00

Sale -59%

Corner Aluminum Extrusion Profile

The corner aluminum LED extrusion profile made of anodized aluminum, PMMA opal matte cover..

$17.00 $7.00

Sale -68%

10mm Deep LED Aluminum Extrusions Without Flange

New style LED Aluminum Extrusions without flange, made of anodized aluminum, three differe..

$14.00 $4.50

Sale -68%

10MM Aluminium Profile With Flange For LED Strips

The Aluminum Profile with flange with anodized aluminum finish, longer lifespan, default length is 1..

$14.00 $4.50

Sale -63%

Surface Mounting LED Strip Profil

The Surface Mounting LED Strip Profil made of high-quality anodized aluminum, only the PMMA Clear Co..

$12.00 $4.50

Sale -65%

Surface Mounting LED Ribbon Aluminium Profile

The Aluminum Profile works with LED Ribbon,recommend works with 2835, 3528 and 5050 LED Ribbons, mad..

$13.00 $4.50

Sale -63%

Surface Mounted LED Aluminium Profil

The LED Aluminium Profil made of anodized aluminum(6063-T5). the standard length is 1meter, you..

$12.00 $4.50