Solderless Female DC Connector

Solderless female DC connector, suit for single color flexible LED strips connect with LED power sup..


Solderless - L T + Shape LED Strip Connector

This type of LED strip connector, have different shape available, "-" "L" "T" "+" work with 50..


Single Side Single Color LED Light Connector

the​ single side single color LED light connector, single side with LED connector, length of wire is..


Single Side RGBW LED Connector

Features: Single side RGBW LED connector, wire length 15cm, single side with RGBW connector, suit..


Single Side 4PIN Male LED Strip Light Connector

This type LED strip light connector single side with 4pin male LED connector, length of wire is 10cm..


Single Side 4 PIN RGB LED Strip Connector

This type 4pin RGB LED strip connector,length of wire is 15cm, width 10mm and 12mm avaliable,100pcs ..


Sale -44%

RGB LED Controller Wifi

The RGB LED controller wifi supports most of the wifi products, apple series(iPad,iPhone), Android m..

$52.00 $29.00

Male Female 4PIN LED Light Connector

Features: this type LED light connector, with male and female 4pin LED connector, length of wire ..


Male 4 Pin RGB LED Strip Connector

Features: 4PIN RGB LED strip connector,2.54 4pin LED connectors, suit for RGB LED strips conne..


Female DC Solderless LED Strip Connector

Features: This type LED strip connector, one side with solderless LED connector, the other side w..


Double Side Solderless RGBW LED Connector

This type solderless RGBW LED connector, double side with 12mm LED connector, wire length 12mm, suit..


Double Side Solderless RGB LED Lighting Connector

1.this type LED lighting connector suit for 5050 RGB LED strips to use. the width of the PCB board w..


Sale -49%

DC12V-24V 25A LED Touch Dimmer

This type of LED touch dimmer is constant voltage LED controller, output voltage between DC12V to DC..

$29.00 $14.90

DC LED Connector With Wire

this type of DC LED connectors, have black and white colors available, male and female available, wi..


5pin Single Side LED RGBW Strip Connector With Wire

1.this type LED RGBW connector, male and female avaliable, one side with 5pin LED connector, wire le..