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LED Wifi Controller With Remote

LED wifi controller with remote, working in DC12V or DC24V, max output 288watts, this new LED contro..

$39.90 $26.80

WS2811 Addressable RGB LED Strip

1. Addressable RGB LED strips to use high power 5050 SMD LEDs as light source,60LEDs per meter2.IP20..


AC100-240V IP20 Power Supply For LED

1. Power supply for LED input voltage AC100v to AC240V, output voltage DC12V.2.different power plug ..


360Watts Heavy Duty Industrial Series LED Power Supply 12v

1.LED power supply 12v, working in DC12V, max output 360watt.2.can support 50meters 5050 30LEDs..


Waterproof DC12V LED Power Supply

DC12V waterproof LED power supply working in DC12V, max output wattage 60watt. full range AC input, ..


IR LED Dimmer For LED Lights

IR LED dimmer, working in DC12V, one output channel, max output current 8A, adopt the advanced PWM d..


DC12V Dimmer Switch For LED

DC12 dimmer switch for LED, adopt the advanced PWM  digital dimming technology, can work in DC1..


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Single Color LED Mini Dimmer With DC Connector

LED mini dimmer with male and female DC connector, works with single color LED strips, one output ch..

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Single Color LED Light Dimmer 12V 72W

This mini size LED light dimmer can work with single color flexible LED strips and rigid LED strip l..


2.4G Multi-Zone LED Dimmer For Single Color

1.this 2.4GHZ multi-zone LED dimmer controller working in DC12V or DC24V. with constant vo..


DC12V 108w RGB LED Dimmer

1.RGB LED dimmer,working in DC12V,max output 108w2.this type RGB LED dimmer for RGB LED strips use.3..


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Single Color DC12V 8A 96W LED Strip Dimmer

1. This type LED strip dimmer, working in DC12V or DC 24V, max output current 8A.2. The LED dimmer w..

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12V 8A 96W Adjustable Brightness LED Single Color Dimmer

 RF LED single color dimmer working in DC12V, max output current 8A, max output 96watts. LED&nb..

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12 Volt LED Dimmer

12Volt LED dimmer working in DC12V, max output current 2A, easy install and connect with LED dr..

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Male Female 4PIN LED Light Connector

Features: this type LED light connector, with male and female 4pin LED connector, length of wire ..