30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We have a 30 days money-back guarantee on all our products from the date you received them without any reason.

You should return the item in its original condition to us, in that case after we receive the returned items,

we will refund you the payment excluding actual shipping fees already incurred.



We have a certain guarantee period for our products from the date of original purchase,

please check the item description carefully.  


My item is DOA(dead on arrival). What could I do?

Though we have extensive testing before shipping, we can't 100% avoid this problem. After you receive your order, please test them first. If you receive any broken items, please get in touch with us within 48 hours, and we will try our best to get it squared away.


Should I send back broken items?

Unfortunately, if your items are broken, you can return them for replacement.

We need you to send them back because we are required to post them back to the factory to ask for a replacement as well.

I hope you can understand that customers should afford the shipping fee for both ways.


When will you send me a replacement?

Generally, we will ship the replacement after we get the broken items. However, to make you get the replacement earlier,

We can proceed with the replacement first on receiving the shipping fee or with your new order after you inform us that you have sent back the broken item.

When you place your new order, you must leave a message in the order message box or payment note to remind us, or you can contact us.

I don't want to return one single item. How to do it?

If you have one item broken and don't want to post back one item, you can collect more items and send them back together.

The delay time should not exceed one month (within the guarantee period). Please contact us when you are ready to send them back to us,

and we will process the replacement for them together. 


I haven't sent back the previously broken item. How do I have one more item broken?

In our record, if we find that you haven't sent back previously broken items that have been replaced,

we won't process the new replacement until we receive them. Please return them to us within the guarantee period,

we will inform you and proceed with the new replacement for you after we receive them. 


Do you provide any envelope or postage?

We don't provide any envelope or postage for returned items. Please do confirm our receiving address with us before you post back broken items,

or we will not be responsible if they are lost.

Though we suggest our customers choose the cheapest airmail to post back broken items to save your costs, we are not responsible for lost parcels.

You'd better use registered airmail or express shipping if you need to return many items together. I hope you can understand.


How to declare the shipment when I return broken items to you?

If you must declare the parcel, it will be better to use unrelated names, for example, gifts, toy gifts, electronics, and broken electronics parts.

Please mark the value lower than USD35. It will be helpful to clear China customs.