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220V COB LED Strips

Outdoor Waterproof High Voltage 110V/220V COB LED Strips

Check the High Voltage COB LED Strips, working in AC110V or AC220V, comes with US power plug or EU p..

$48.10 $29.90

Sale -34%
strip led cob

Ultra Slim 3MM 12V Strip LED COB Dot Free UL Listed

Check the ultra-slim Strip LED COB, the width only 3mm/4.5mm, suitable for narrow applications like ..

$42.10 $27.65

Sale -32%

24V RGBW COB LED Strips Uniform Light 80+ CRI

The 24V RGBW COB LED Strips, which with chip-on-board design to create a smooth and seamless line of..

$64.70 $43.82

Sale -44%
24v cob led strip light

5MM 24V COB LED Strip Light With UL Certificate

The 24V COB LED Strip Light, which with the super narrow size only 5mm, there are 504PCS high-qualit..

$35.70 $19.90

Sale -43%
24V COB LED Strips

UL Listed 8MM White COB LED Strip 24V Dimmable

Check the 8mm COB LED Strips 24V, the width only 8mm, 5meters per reel, with the UL certificate and ..

$35.10 $19.99

Sale -41%
led strip cob

DC5V White LED Strip COB High CRI For Seamless Line Light

Check the LED Strip COB, which works in DC5V, easy to light up with a TV or computer USB port, with ..

$35.40 $20.99

Sale -52%
12v cob led tape

Dotless Dimmable DC12V COB LED Strip Light Flexible

Check the DC12V COB LED Strip Light, which uses the new COB technology to produce seamless linear li..

$10.30 $4.99

Sale -53%
cob led strip 5vdc

Dimmable COB LED Strip 5V With USB Controller

Check the 5V COB LED Strips, which with USB Controller, easy to connect to the USB port on PC, lapto..

$13.40 $6.30

Sale -28%
cob led strips

Tunable White COB LED Strip 24V Dimmable

Check the Tunable White COB LED Strips, which allows adjusting the color temperature from 3000K(Warm..

$8.31 $5.99

Sale -33%
rgb cob led tape

DC12V/24V Flexible Seamless RGB COB LED Tape

Check the Flexible Seamless RGB COB LED Tapes, which use the 1022 LED Chips as light source, various..

$56.40 $38.00

Sale -41%
cob led stripe 2.7mm

Super Narrow 2.7mm DC12V Flexible COB LED Stripe

Check the Super Narrow Flexible COB LED Stripe, the width is only 2.7mm, you can install them in a v..

$35.40 $20.90

Sale -27%
24v cob led strip light

Dimmable Flexible Single Colour COB LED Strip 24V

Check the Single Colour COB LED Strips, 12VDC and 24VDC products available, 5 meters per reel and mi..

$35.40 $25.68

Sale -42%
led strips for room

DC5V 8MM FCOB LED Light Strips For Room Battery Powered

Check the LED Light Strips For Room Battery Powered, working in DC5V, you can cut to any size and li..

$35.90 $21.00

Sale -43%
led strip lights bedroom

24V 8MM 336LEDs FCOB LED Strip Lights Bedroom

Check the FCOB LED Strip Lights Bedroom, 5 meters per reel, cuttable and dimmable, the back with dou..

$26.30 $14.90

Sale -34%
Warm White FCOB LED Strip

504LEDs 12V/24V FCOB LED Strips 5Meters/Reel

Check the FCOB LED Strips, which use the high-quality San An LED Chips as the light source, the LED ..

$26.70 $17.73