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COB LED Strip Light Plugs

L Shape COB LED Strip Light Plugs For Corner Installation

Check the COB LED Strip Light Plugs, which with an L shape and you can use them for corner installat..

$6.74 $3.99

Sale -19%
ws2812b addressable smart light strips

Seamless WS2812B Addressable Smart Light Strips 16.4FT

Check the Addressable Smart Light Strips, the width of the PCB board is 12mm and 16.4 ft per reel, t..

$58.90 $47.99

Sale -37%
Seamless Battery LED Strips

High Density COB 4MM DC3V Battery LED Strip Lights 16.4FT/Roll

Check the Battery LED Strip Lights, the working voltage is DC3V, which can be powered by batteries. ..

$28.70 $17.99

Sale -14%
RGBIC Rainbow Strip Light

Battery Powered Seamless COB RGBIC LED Strip Lights 16.4FT

Check the Battery Powered Seamless COB RGBIC LED Strip Lights, which use the newest COB(Chip-On-Boar..

$57.80 $49.90

Sale -26%
5mm Programming LED Strips

5MM DC5V WS2812 COB Programming LED Strip Lights Individually Addressable

Check the COB Programming LED Strip Lights, with the newest chip-on-board technology and super narro..

$67.10 $49.90

Sale -19%
5MM Wide RGB Light Strips

5VDC 5mm COB RGB Light Strips Dotless 16.4FT/Reel

Check the Super Narrow COB RGB Light Strips, the width is only 5mm, easy to be installed in cars, tr..

$46.80 $37.99

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tunable wite led cob tape

LED COB Tape 5VDC 4MM Seamless Color Temperature Adjustable

Check the Tunable White LED COB Tape, which with super narrow size and width only 4mm. works on 5VDC..

$47.20 $33.99

Sale -27%
Weatherproof Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Outdoor LED Strip Lights IP67 Waterproof Seamless Dotless 16.4FT

Check the Outdoor LED Strip Lights, the COB Light Strips are sealed into the silicone tube, flexible..

$38.40 $27.99

Sale -40%
Strip LED Lights

4MM Battery Powered 5V COB Strip LED Lights

Check the COB Strip LED Lights, which work in DC5V and can be powered by batteries, with an ultra-th..

$34.80 $20.99

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220V FCOB LED Tapes

AC220V High Voltage COB LED Strip Lights

Check the High Voltage AC220V COB LED Strip Lights, which use the high-quality San An 1015 LED Chips..

$25.90 $21.30

Sale -26%
Side Emitting LED Strip Lights

Side Emitting White COB LED Strips 24V

Check the Side Emitting COB LED Strips, which have a COB luminous surface, the light is evenly and s..

$13.70 $10.20

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COB LED Tape Light Connector

2P 4P COB LED Tape Light Connectors

Check the COB LED Tape Light Connector Kits, you can choose them to reconnect the COB LED Tapes toge..

$8.41 $5.99

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COB LED Tape Light

DC24V IP68 Waterproof COB LED Tape Light

Check the COB LED Tape Lights, which with the best waterproof level design, the waterproof level can..

$32.40 $19.99

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4pin rope light connectors

4P Solderless COB Rope Light Connectors

Check the 4P Solderless COB Rope Light Connectors, 10PCS per pack, which are designed for the COB LE..

$12.34 $6.99

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led strip connector 2 pin

COB LED Strip Connector 2 Pin With DC Cable

Check the 2 Pin COB LED Strip Connector with DC Cable, 10PCS per pack, there are black and white col..

$10.36 $5.99