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LED Signal Booster

Signal Booster For Magic Color Digital LED Strips 1 To 4 / 1 To 8

Check the Signal Booster for Magic Color Digital LED Strips, can choose the 1 To 4 or 1 To 8. the Li..

$7.41 $4.99

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1 Channel Amplifier Box

MiBoxer SYS-PT2 1 Channel Amplifier Box

Check the MiBoxer SYS-PT2 1 Channel Amplifier Box, which needs to work with 1 Channel Control Box SY..

$168.20 $153.78

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1 Channel Signal Power Amplifier

MiBoxer SYS-T2 1 Channel Signal Amplifier

Check the MiBoxer SYS-T2 Signal Amplifier, which with 1 output channel design and the max output pow..

$28.30 $15.00

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SP201E DMX Decoder

SPERLL SP201E DMX512 Decoder

Check the Sperll SP201E DMX512 Decoder, which supports almost all other one-wire or two-wire LED Dri..

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MiBoxer Zigbee Gateway

MiBoxer ZB-BOX2 Zigbee 3.0 Wired Gateway

Check the MiBoxer ZB-BOX2 Zigbee 3.0 Wired Gateway, which is connected to the 2.4G band router throu..

$35.20 $27.20

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MiBoxer ZB-Box1 Zigbee 3.0 Gateway

MiBoxer ZB-BOX1 Zigbee 3.0 Gateway

Check the MiBoxer ZB-BOX1 Zigbee 3.0 Gateway, which is compatible with MiBoxer Zigbee 3.0 series pro..

$25.30 $16.30

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WL Box 1 APP

MiBoxer WL-Box1 2.4GHz Gateway

Check the MiBoxer WL-Box1 2.4G Gateway, made of high-end PC material, with excellent electrical insu..

$35.70 $18.40

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4 Channel High Speed Miboxer PA4 RGBW Amplifier

4 Channel High Speed Miboxer PA4 RGBW Amplifier

Check the MiBoxer PA4 RGBW Amplifier, which with 4 high-speed output channels design, can be used fo..

$19.30 $10.50

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miboxer pa5

MiBoxer PA5 5 Channels High Performance LED RGB Amplifier

Check the MiBoxer PA5 LED RGB Amplifier with 5 channels design, you can use for RGB, RGBW, RGBWW, RG..

$25.30 $11.63

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SP901E Signal Amplifier

SP901E Signal Amplifier With 4/8 SPI Output Channels

Check the SP901E SPI Signal Amplifier, which is compatible with all kinds of 5V TTL signal dual sign..

$25.30 $11.50

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DC12V RGB LED Amplifier

DC12V 24V 30A RGB LED Amplifier

Check the RGB LED Amplifier, which can compatible with all our RGB LED Controller, adopts the PWM co..

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2.4G Wireless Signal Repeater

2.4GHz Wireless Signal LED Repeater For Sync Control

Check the Wireless Signal LED Repeater for Sync Control, working in AC90-265V, can connect it to the..

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12V Single Color LED Booster

Single Color LED Booster 12V 300W

The Single Color LED Booster with the constant voltage design can work with all kinds of constant vo..

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RGBW LED Repeater

RGBW LED Repeater 12V 384W

The RGBW LED Repeater is the constant working voltage product, working in DC12V or DC24V, can work w..

$15.60 $8.99

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LED Strip Mini Amplifier

LED Strip Mini Amplifier DC12V 72W

Mini LED amplifier, can work with 3528 RGB LED strips and 5050 color changing flexible LED strips, c..

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