meanwell 24v power supply

LRS-600 Meanwell 24 Volt Power Supply

The Mean Well LRS-600 is a 600W single-output enclosed power supply with 41mm of low profile design...


meanwell 12v-power supply

LRS-450 Meanwell 12V Power Supply

The LRS450 Meanwell Power Supply is a 450W Lighting Driver with 35mm of low profile design. A switch..


SPI PWM RF Remote Controls

RB1 RB2 RB3 RB4 4 Zones Touch 2.4G RF Remote Controls

For the Sperll 2.4G RF series Remote Controls, you can choose the RB1 for single-color LED Lights, R..


Inline Bluetooth LED Controller

SP623E Inline Bluetooth RGB Mini LED Controller

The SP623E Inline Bluetooth RGB Mini LED Controllers are compact and convenient devices that allow y..


SP903E High Speed LED Light Amplifier

SP903E 3 Channels RGB LED Light Amplifiers

The SP903E 3-Channel RGB LED Light Amplifiers have ultra-power MOS output for high load capacity. Th..


Addressable Matrix Panel Signal Booster

SP902E SPI Signal Amplifier For Digital LED Strips

The SP902E SPI Signal Amplifiers can seamless integrate with Digital LED Strips, and offer a boost i..


24V 5050 SMD RGBCCT LED Strips

5 In 1 Waterproof 24V RGBCCT LED Strips 96LEDs/M 16.4FT

The RGBCCT LED Strips offer a combination of red, green, blue, cool white, and warm white chips in o..


Dimmer LED Triac

MiBoxer 500W RF Push AC Triac Dimmer APP Control

The MiBoxer 500W series RF Push AC Triac Dimmers simplify the management of your traditional lightin..


WiFi Dual White LED Dimmer

MiBoxer PW2 Tuya Smart WiFi Dual White LED Dimmers

The MiBoxer PW2 WiFi LED Dimmers have 2 in 1 design for dual white and single-color LED Lights and c..


MiBoxer PW5 RGB Light Controller

5 In 1 MiBoxer PW5 WiFi RGB Light Controller

The MiBoxer PW5 WiFi RGB Light Controllers with 5 in 1 design, which can be used for single color, C..


5 In 1 lighting controller

5 In 1 MiBoxer HR5 30A RF Lighting Controller

The MiBoxer HR5 is a 5 in 1 RF Lighting Controller for single color, dual white, RGB, RGBW, and RGBW..


2.4G 12V Dimmer

MiBoxer HR2 30A 12V Dimmers for single color/Dual White

The MiBoxer HR2 12V Dimmers with 2 in 1 are designed for single color and dual white LED Lights, wit..


LED Floor Lamp

Smart Corner LED Floor Lamps RGB WS2812B With Remote

The Smart Corner LED Floor Lamps elevate the ambiance of your living rooms. Which uses WS2812B LEDs ..


double sided emitting white led tapes

Double Sided 360° Emitting White LED Tapes DC24V

The double-sided white LED tapes have bright 2835 SMD LEDs on both sides, providing a 360° uniform l..


RGBCCT Addressable LED Strips

WS2805 RGBCCT Addressable LED Strips 12V/24V

The WS2805 RGBCCT Addressable LED Strips use high-quality 5-in-1 5050 SMD LEDs as the light source. ..