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30w rgb cct exterior flood lights

MiBoxer FUTT03Z 30W RGB CCT Zigbee Exterior Flood Lights

Check the 30W Zigbee Exterior Flood Lights, which follow the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, can be controlled ..

$85.70 $60.62

Sale -10%
50w zigbee outdoor flood light fixtures

MiBoxer FUTT02Z 50W RGB CCT Zigbee 3.0 Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures

Check the MiBoxer FUTT02Z 50W Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures, which follow the Zigbee V3 protocol, can..

$94.30 $85.00

Sale -28%
30w led flood light for sale

Gledopto Zigbee RGB CCT 10W LED Floodlights APP Control

Check the Gledopto Zigbee 10W LED FLoodlights, which are compatible with Zigbee 3.0 Gateways and can..

$56.70 $40.99

Sale -29%
garden flood lights

Low Voltage 12V Gledopto Zigbee 3.0 RGB+CCT Garden Flood Lights

Check the Low Voltage Gledopto Zigbee 3.0 RGB CCT Garden Flood Lights, which are compatible with Zig..

$57.60 $40.99

Sale -24%
50 watt led outdoor flood light

DMX512 Color Changing MiBoxer D5-G50 50W LED Floodlights

Check the MiBoxer D5 Series Color Changing LED Floodlights, which comply with DMX512, DMX512(1990), ..

$122.50 $93.16

Sale -13%
outdoor led flood lights color

50W LoRa 433MHz MiBoxer FUTC06L RGB CCT Outdoor LED Flood Lights APP Voice Control

Check the MiBoxer FUTC06L RGB CCT Outdoor LED Flood Lights, which use the LoRa SPSP modem technology..

$110.60 $96.35

Sale -40%
Low Voltage DC24V MiBoxer FUTT06 10W RGB CCT LED Floodlights

Low Voltage DC24V MiBoxer FUTT06 10W RGB CCT LED Floodlights

The MiBoxer FUTT06 10W RGB CCT LED Floodlights, which work in low voltage DC24V, safe to humans and ..

$54.30 $32.54

Sale -32%
remote control led flood lights color changing

10W-200W Remote Control MiBoxer RGB+CCT LED Flood Lights

Check the Remote Control MiBoxer RGB CCT LED Flood Lights, which adopt integrated aluminum material ..

$48.20 $32.54

50W LED Outdoor Flood Fights

50W LED Outdoor Flood Fights

50W LED outdoor flood lights, use one piece high power bridgelux COB LED as light source, warm white..


30W Outdoor Flood Lights

30W Outdoor Flood Lights

Outdoor flood lights, use18pcs high powered LEDs as light source, totally output 2560lm, warm white ..


20W LED Lawn Light

20W LED Lawn Light

The 20W LED Lawn Light, with patented aluminum shell and tempered glass, uses 12PCS high power LEDs ..


20W LED Flood Light

20W LED Flood Light

The 20W LED Flood Light, which uses 12PCS high-power Epistar LEDs as the light source, working in AC..