Sale -11%
1 Channel Host Control Box

MiBoxer SYS-PT1 1 Channel Host Control Box Voice Control

Check the MiBoxer SYS-PT1 1 Channel Control Box, which is compatible with MiBoxer SYS series product..

$188.30 $167.60

Sale -48%
Addressing LED Controller

SP104E Mini Inline SPI LED Controller With 17 Keys RF Remote

Check the SP104E SPI LED Controller, which with inline design and comes with a female DC Connector a..

$13.50 $6.99

Sale -38%
individually addressable led controller

SP106E Music Individually Addressable LED Strip Controller

Check the SP106E Individually Addressable LED Strip Controller, which with a small size design and l..

$12.80 $7.99

Sale -45%
Programmable LED Time Controller

TC421 WiFi Programmable LED Time Controller

Check the TC421 LED Time Controller, which with 5 output channels design, you can use for Single Col..

$58.30 $31.90

Sale -49%
2.4G MiBoxer Host Controller

MiBoxer SYS-T1 1 Channel Host Controller

Check the MiBoxer SYS-T1 Host Controller with 1 channel design, which is only compatible with Miboxe..

$45.30 $23.00

Sale -48%
2.4g rf rgbw remote controller

MiBoxer FUT028 2.4G RF RGBW Remote Controller

Check the MiBoxer FUT028 RGBW Remote Controller, which includes the 2.4G RF Remote Control, works in..

$26.40 $13.60

Sale -59%
wireless light controller

MiBoxer FUT020 2.4G RGB Wireless Light Controller

Check the MiBoxer FUT020 RGB Wireless Light Controller, which adopts the 2.4G wireless transmitting ..

$28.30 $11.52

Sale -35%
433MHz RGB Controller

MiBoxer FUT042 433MHz 4Pin RGB Controller

Check the MiBoxer 433MHz 4Pin RGB Controllers, you can choose them for RGB LED Lights, the 433MHz Wi..

$15.30 $9.99

Sale -48%
Smart RGB LED Controller

MiBoxer FUT045A RGB+CCT Smart LED Controller With RF Remote

Check the MiBoxer FUT045A Smart LED Controller that comes with RF Touch Remote Control. which is des..

$29.70 $15.50

Sale -50%
Zigbee Light Strip Controller

MiBoxer FUT039Z RGB+CCT Zigbee 3.0 LED Strip Controller

Check the MiBoxer FUT039Z RGB+CCT LED Strip Controller, which integrates Zigbee 3.0 standard protoco..

$27.30 $13.60

Sale -54%
Zigbee 3.0 LED Controller RGBW

MiBoxer FUT038Z RGBW Zigbee LED Controller

Check the MiBoxer FUT038Z Zigbee LED Controller, which integrates Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol, with..

$29.30 $13.60

Sale -46%
RGB Zigbee Controller

MiBoxer FUT037Z RGB Zigbee Controller

Check the MiBoxer FUT037Z RGB Zigbee Controller, which integrates Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol and c..

$25.30 $13.60

Sale -45%
SP511E WS2811 Controller

SP511E WiFi Music WS2811 Controller With Dual Output

Check the SP511E WiFi Music WS2811 Controller, which is designed for the common single-line ICs like..

$15.30 $8.40

Sale -58%
alexa led strip light controller

MiBoxer FUT039SA RGBWW Alexa LED Strip Controller

Check the MiBoxer FUT039SA Alexa LED Strip Controller, which comes with 2.4G Rainbow Remote Control,..

$33.40 $13.90

Sale -55%
DIN Rail Wireless LED Controller

MiBoxer LS2S DIN Rail 5-in-1 Wireless LED Controller

Check the MiBoxer LS2S 5-In-1 Wireless LED Controller, which with DIN rail design for 35mm standard ..

$28.30 $12.60