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outdoor waterproof in ground paving lighting aluminum channels

Outdoor Waterproof In Ground Paving Lighting Aluminum Channels

The Outdoor Waterproof In-Ground Paving Lighting Aluminum Channels are designed to provide a safe an..

$46.70 $34.99

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Floor Side Attached LED Channel For Carpet

Floor Side Mounted LED Channel For Carpet

The Side Mounted LED Channels are designed to be mounted on the side of your carpet, allowing you to..

$12.30 $8.00

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Floor Recessed LED Channel For Carpet

Floor Recessed LED Channel With PC Diffuser For Carpet

The Floor Recessed LED Channel is designed to be recessed into the floor with carpet, tile, stone, c..

$9.87 $6.99

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Recessed Black LED Channel For Carpet Use

Recessed Black LED Channel For Carpet Lighting

The Recessed Black LED Channels are a great choice for any carpeted area that needs additional light..

$15.30 $9.00

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recessed led lighting channel

Tile Edge Recessed LED Lighting Channel For Staircase Lighting

Check the Recessed LED Lighting Channels with flange, which can be flush mounted with 8mm or 10mm th..

$15.10 $7.99

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up and down black led profil aluminium

Black LED Profil Aluminium For Staircase Lights With Up And Down Lighting Design

The Black LED Profil Aluminium has an up-and-down lighting design, which you can use for stairwell o..

$23.70 $14.60

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Black Aluminium LED Channel

Black Aluminium LED Channel For Stairs/Steps

The Black Aluminium LED Channel is ideal for providing extra lighting to stairs or steps. You can us..

$25.10 $13.99

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LED Extrusion Channel For Recessed Mounted In Floor

In-Ground Waterproof LED Extrusion Channel For Floor

The In-Ground Recessed Mounted Waterproof LED Extrusion Channels are ideal for floor lighting, drive..

$19.90 $8.00

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Aluminium LED Strip Light Profiles

Recessed Aluminium LED Strip Light Profiles For Floor Tile Lighting

The Aluminium LED Strip Light Profiles provide a discreet, low-profile style perfect for floor tile ..

$18.71 $6.99

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Aluminum LED Light Profile

Aluminum LED Light Profile For Stair Step Lighting

The Aluminum LED Light Profile for stairs surface-mounted installation. Made of high-quality anodize..

$27.00 $14.99

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Flat Aluminium LED Light Extrusions For Floor

Flat Aluminium LED Light Extrusions For Floor

The Aluminum LED Light Extrusion is designed to provide a sleek, modern look and bright and even ill..

$10.00 $4.99