Indirect Light LED Channel Diffuser For Wall Lighting

Indirect Light LED Channel Diffuser For Wall Lighting

The Indirect Light LED Channels with Diffusers are a great choice to add wall lighting to your livin..


36mm suspended profile light

360° T36 Round 36mm Suspended Profile Light

The 36mm round Suspended Profile Lights, which with 360° emitting lighting design, the suspension wi..


75mm aluminum channel and frosted led strip diffuser

3 Inches Frosted LED Strip Diffuser Aluminium For Pendant Light

Check the 3-inch Frosted LED Strip Diffuser Aluminium, which is 75mm in width, with suspension wire ..


pendant led strip light channel and diffuser

2 Inches Pendant LED Strip Light Channel And Diffuser

The 2-inch Pendant LED Strip Light Channel and Diffuser has a 20mm dropped lens for a wide view angl..


u channel for led strip

Aluminum U Channel For LED Strips With 20mm Dropped Diffuser

Check the Aluminum U Channel for LED Strips with a 20mm dropped diffuser for smooth light output and..


drywall led lighting fixture for architectural lighting

12.5mm Drywall LED Lighting Fixture For Architectural Lighting

The LED Lighting Fixture for Architectural Lighting, easily recessed into the 12.5mm drywall, will e..


ALP167 LED Diffuser Channel For Drywall

LED Diffuser Channel With Dual Light Slots

The LED Diffuser Channel, which has dual light slots and is used for recessed linear lighting betwee..


ALP168 Recessed LED Strip Channel

Recessed LED Strip Channels For 12.5MM Drywall

The Recessed Aluminum LED Strip Channels, which can be mounted on 12.5mm drywall and used for recess..


ALP160 Recessed LED Strip Profiles

Recessed LED Strip Profiles With Low Glare Design

The Recessed LED Strip Profiles, which with low glare design are a great option for creating smooth,..


ALP161 Aluminium LED Light Channel

ALP161 Trimless Aluminium LED Light Channel For Architectural Lighting

The Trimless Aluminium LED Light Channels, which with low glare profile design for indoor architectu..


Recessed Profile Light

Trimless Recessed LED Light Profile For Dry Wall

The Trimless Recessed LED Light Profiles, which can be recessed into a 12.5mm plasterboard or drywal..


led strip aluminium casing

4 Inches Recessed LED Strip Aluminium Casing For Linear Ceiling Lighting

The 4 inches LED Strip Aluminium Casing with flange, which with a 100mm extra-wide in size, is desig..


LED Extrusion Profile

1.5 Inches LED Extrusion Profile With Diffuser For Wall Lighting

The 1.5 inches LED Extrusion Profiles With Diffusers, which are designed for up-and-down wall lighti..


Aluminum Profile For LED Light

Linear Aluminum Profile With Up And Down Light Design

The Linear Aluminum Profile For Ceiling Lighting is an excellent choice for wall lighting with an up..


led profile diffuser

63mm LED Profile Diffuser With Up Down Light Design

The LED Profile Diffusers with up-and-down light designs are perfect for wall lighting or ceiling li..