Inside Corner Connector

Corner Connector For ALP076 Skirting Lighting Channels

The Corner Connectors for ALP076 Skirting Lighting Channels, you can choose them for the inside corn..


LED Profile Inside Corner Connectors

SK1580-R LED Profile Corner Connectors

The corner connectors for SK1580-R Toe Kick Lighting Channels. You can use them for inside and outsi..


Modern Track Lighting Couplers

L Shape Modern Kitchen Track Rail Lghting Connectors

There are several different connectors available for connecting track lighting. Depending on the typ..


led suspended ceiling wire

Metal Suspension Cable Kits For Lighting Channels

The Suspension Cable Kits For Ceiling LED Channels include all accessories to hang the Light Channel..


LS30 LED Lighting Modules

LED Lighting Module For LS30 Series Light Channels

The Rigid LED Lighting Modules are specially designed for LS30 Light Channels, which you can use for..


LED Channel Corner Connector

LED Channel Corner Connectors For Inside/Outside

Check the LED Channel Corner Connectors, there are two types of connectors available for the inside ..


LED Channel Connectors

LED Strip Channel Connector Couplers

The LED Channel Connectors have three types of Connectors available: 90°, 90° Vertical, and 180° Con..


LED Channel Connector

Plastic LED Profile Connectors

Check the Plastic LED Profile Connectors, which are made of plastic, there are 2 types of LED Channe..