in ground lighting outdoor

433MHz MiBoxer RD-9L 9W RGB CCT In Ground Light

The MiBoxer RD-9L RGB CCT In Ground Light is a great choice for lighting up any swimming pool, is ca..


27w under water light fixture

Low Voltage 24V 27W MiBoxer SYS-RW2 RGB CCT Underwater Lights

The Low Voltage 24V MiBoxer SYS-RW RGB CCT Underwater Lights, which with silicone rubber sealing and..


rgbww swimming pool lights

MiBoxer PW01 27W RGBWW PAR56 Swimming Pool Lights

The MiBoxer PW01 27W Swimming Pool Lights are designed to provide a bright, vibrant, and colorful li..


18W RGBWW inground pool lights

MiBoxer PW02 18W RGBWW Low Voltage Inground Pool Light

The MiBoxer PW02 18W RGBWW Inground Pool Light adds vibrant colors and light to your pool. This pool..


In Ground Lights

MiBoxer SYS-RD1 5W RGBWW In Ground Lights Outdoor

Check the MiBoxer SYS-RD1 5W RGBWW In Ground Outdoor Lights is a great option for adding ambient lig..


In Ground LED Lights

MiBoxer SYS-RD2 9W RGB+CCT In Ground Landscape Lights

Check the MiBoxer SYS-RD2 9W RGBWW In-Ground Landscape Lights are great for adding light and color t..


15w swimming pool ights underwater for sale

MiBoxer SYS-RW1 15W RGB White Underwater Pool Lights

The MiBoxer SYS-RW1 15W Underwater Pool Lights, which need to work with SYS-T1 1 Channel Host Contro..


15w led pool light

MiBoxer UW01 15W RGB+CCT LED Pool Light

Check the MiBoxer UW01 15W LED Pool Light is a great choice for pool lighting. It features a unique ..


24v swimming pool led lights underwater

MiBoxer UW02 27W RGB+CCT Underwater Pool Lights

Check the MiBoxer UW02 27W Underwater Pool Lights are an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to ..


rgbww above ground pool lights

MiBoxer UW03 9W RGB+CCT Above Ground Pool Lights

Check the MiBoxer UW03 Above Ground Pool Light is a great choice for swimming pools and can create a..