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  • Brand: Ledbe
  • Product Code: COB Tape Connectors

Check the COB LED Tape Light Connector Kits, you can choose them to reconnect the COB LED Tapes together, there are 2Pin and 4Pin Connectors available, the 2Pin connectors and wires for single color COB LED Strips, 4Pin Connectors and wires for Tunable White CCT LED Tapes and RGB LED Strips. the length of the wires is 15cm, you can use the Connectors and Wires for the corner location or the connector to reconnect COB LED Tapes together.


  • Type: COB Tape Connectors
  • Pin's Number: 2, 4
  • Width Of Connectors: 8mm, 10mm
  • Fit For Single Color/Tunable White/RGB COB LED Tapes
  • length of wires: 15cm
  • 2Pin Connectors And 2Pin Wires For Single Color LED Strips
  • 4Pin Connectors And 3Pin Wires For Tunable White COB LED Strips
  • 4Pin Connectors And 4Pin Wires For RGB COB LED Tapes


1*LED Tape Light Connectors

2pin/3pin/4pin wires

LED Tape Light To Wire Connector

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