Sale -34%

Trim Recessed LED Channel Track With Flange

Check the Trim Recessed LED Channel Track with flange, you can combine the PC Frosted Opal Diffuser,..

$13.70 $9.00

Sale 0%

Pendant Modular Linear Track Lighting With Reflectors

Check the Modular Linear Track Lighting, you can combine the various beam angles reflectors, diffuse..

$0.00 $24.40

Sale -56%

12V 5050 SMD LED Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights With 1903 IC

Check the Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights with 1903 IC, working in DC12V, need to work with the 12VDC ou..

$31.70 $13.90

Sale -32%

75*95MM Up And Down Pendant Aluminum Light Channels

Check the 75*95mm Aluminum Light Channels, which allows installing the LED Light on the upside and d..

$54.30 $37.00

Sale -35%

24V COB Tunable White LED Strip

Check the COB Tunable White LED Strips, working in DC24V for longer max runs, use the brand high-qua..

$52.10 $33.90

Sale -13%

LED Aluminum Channel System For Pendant Light

Check the LED Aluminum Channel System for a Pendant light, allows the surface mounted or pendant ins..

$41.20 $35.80

Sale -39%

Addressable Digital RGB LED Strips 5M

Check the individually addressable Digital RGB LED Strips, 5meters per reel, use the high-quality 50..

$27.90 $17.00

Sale -31%

Recessed Aluminum Diffuser For LED Strip With Dropped Lens

Check the Aluminum Diffuser For LED Strips with the dropped lens, the width with flange is 68mm and ..

$36.10 $24.80

Sale -50%

Recessed Mounted LED Strip Cover For Indirect Linear Light

Check the LED Strip Cover for indirect linear light, made of 6063-T5 aluminium alloy material and wi..

$25.70 $12.90

Sale -35%

2 Inches Recessed Ceiling Strip Light Diffuser

Check the 2 Inches wide Recessed Ceiling Strip Light Diffuser, the inner width is 18.5mm and compati..

$35.10 $22.80

Sale -14%

Anodized Silver Pendant LED Channel Diffuser With PC Frosted Lens

Check the Pendant LED Channel Diffuser, which made of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy and with anodized silve..

$35.40 $30.60

Sale -29%

24V RGB LED Strip COB 840LEDs/M Ra90

Check the RGB LED Strip COB, which working in DC24V, only can work with the LED Driver that the outp..

$64.70 $45.80

Sale -29%

60*90mm Aluminum Channel Holder For LED Strips

Check the 60*90mm Aluminum Channel Holder for Flexible LED Strips, the inner width is 18.41mm and co..

$35.70 $25.50

Sale -31%

Ra90 320LEDs COB LED Light Strip

Check the Ra90 COB LED Light Strip, real dot free, no dark dot, uniform illumination, provide the in..

$31.20 $21.60

Sale -42%

12V 24V 4MM 5W COB Light Strip

Check the 4MM COB Light Strip, which with super slim size, you can install in a tiny or narrow ..

$37.20 $21.60