Sale -40%

39MM Recessed Rope Light Channel For Ceiling

Check the 39mm Recessed Rope Light Channels, which allow to recessed into the ceiling or wall for in..

$25.10 $14.99

Sale -34%

1513 Milky Bendable LED Strip Channel 5M/Reel

Check the 1513 Milky Bendable LED Strip Channels, which are made of 100% food-grade silica gel mater..

$38.10 $24.99

Sale -43%

4P Solderless COB Rope Light Connectors

Check the 4P Solderless COB Rope Light Connectors, 10PCS per pack, which are designed for the COB LE..

$12.34 $6.99

Sale -15%

2P/3P/4P COB Strip Light Connectors

Check the COB Strip Light Connectors, the length of wire is 100mm, both sides with solderless COB LE..

$9.41 $7.99

Sale -42%

COB LED Strip Connector 2 Pin With DC Cable

Check the 2 Pin COB LED Strip Connector with DC Cable, 10PCS per pack, there are black and white col..

$10.36 $5.99

Sale -34%

Single COB LED Strip Connector 4 Pin With Wire

Check the Single COB LED Strip Connector with wire, the length of the wire is 100cm, there are 5mm, ..

$9.01 $5.99

Sale -28%

Board To Board COB LED Strip Light Plugs

Check the board to board COB LED Strip Light Plugs, which you can use to reconnect the COB LED Strip..

$8.34 $5.99

Sale -18%

Recessed Cove Lighting LED Channels For 12.5mm Drywall

Check the Cove Lighting LED Channels, which are excellent for creative cove lighting ceiling. made o..

$20.70 $16.99

Sale -22%

24V RGB+CCT COB Strip Lights 12mm 630LEDs/M

Check the 24V RGB CCT COB LED Strips, which adopt the Chip-On-Board technology, 630PCS LED Chips mou..

$62.70 $49.00

Sale -23%

Smart Home Center Voice Control Terncy GW02 Zigbee Hub

Check the Smart Home Center Terncy GW02 Zigbee Hub, which supports connecting up to 80-100PCS Device..

$64.80 $49.90

Sale -26%

LED Channel Corner Connectors For Inside/Outside

Check the LED Channel Corner Connectors, there are 2 types of connectors available for the inside co..

$9.41 $6.99

Sale -34%

Black Recessed Channels For LED Strip Lighting With Anti-glare Design

Check the Black Recessed Channels for LED Strip Lighting, which with flange and anti-glare design, w..

$13.67 $8.99

Sale -29%

Black LED Lighting Channels With Anti-glare Design

Check the LED Lighting Channels, which allow pendant or surface-mounted installation. the LED Light ..

$12.67 $8.99

Sale -28%

Black Recessed Anti-Glare Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures

Check the black Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures, which with a deeply anti-glare design, the deepene..

$13.81 $9.99

Sale -34%

LED Light Diffusers With Long Flange For Ceiling

The LED Light Diffusers with long flanges, both sides with honeycomb holes that allow them to be rec..

$18.14 $11.99