Check the 4PIN LED Light Connectors, the wire length is 10-15cm, one side with the 4pin solderless connector and another side with the male 4pin quick connector, you can insert the RGB LED Strips into the solderless connector and under the 4 pin, then close the clip, easy to install and use. no need for an extra tool. and can connect to a LED Controller via the 4pin male quick connector.


  • Name: Male Quick Connector And Solderless Female Connector LED Light Connector
  • One Side With Male Quick Connector And Another Side With Solderless Connector
  • Width Of Quick Connector: 10mm
  • Width Of Solderless Connector: 10mm
  • Length Of Wire: 10-15cm
  • Fit For 10mm RGB LED Strips


1*4 Pin LED Light Connector

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