Specs for 5730 LED backlight module:

SIZE: 67*18*5.7mm

Working voltage: DC12V

Wattage: 1.44W

LED source: 5730 SMD LED

LED quantity: 3PCS

Waterproof level: IP65

Color temperature: 12000-15000K(White)

Lumen: 120lm

View angle: 160°



LED backlight modules, working in DC12V, use 5730 SMD LEDs as light source, output 1.44w per piece, waterproof level is IP65, can be used in indoor and outdoor. the new 5730 LED modules with injection shell and lens, 160degree view angle,2years warranty.



Outdoor/Indoor Use,Cove Lighting

Path and contour lighting

Backlight for signage/ letters

Architectural lights for Canopy, Corridor, Window, Archway

DIY Lights for home use

Marine light, Task lighting

Replacement of Fluorescent light

Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition



1*LED Backlight Modules(20PS/String)

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