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Weatherproof Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Outdoor LED Strip Lights IP67 Waterproof Seamless Dotless 16.4FT

Check the Outdoor LED Strip Lights are sealed into the silicone tube, flexible, and bendable, allowi..

$38.40 $27.99

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LED Signal Booster

Signal Booster For Magic Color Digital LED Strips 1 To 4 / 1 To 8

Check the Signal Booster for Magic Color Digital LED Strips, and you can choose the 1 To 4 or 1 To 8..

$7.41 $4.99

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Connecting LED Strip Lights

RGB CCT Connecting LED Strip Light Waterproof 16.4FT

Check the RGB CCT Connecting LED Strip Lights, which use the high-quality 5 in 1 5050 SMD LEDs as th..

$24.20 $14.99

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Meanwell 48V DC Power Supply

Mean Well DC Power Supply LPV-150 / LPVL-150 Waterproof

Check the 150W Mean Well DC Power Supply, which will change the AC Input to DC output. There are two..

$48.10 $33.99

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Meanwell 60W Single Output AC Converter

Meanwell AC DC Converter LPV-60 60W Waterproof

Check the Meanwell LPV-60 series AC DC Converter, with constant voltage output design, you can choos..

$25.70 $14.99

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35W Single Output Switching Meanwell Drivers

35W Waterproof Mean Well LED Drivers LPV-35 Single Output Switching

Check the 35W Waterproof Mean Well LED Drivers LPV-35, which with constant voltage output design and..

$18.50 $13.99

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DC15V Meanwell Power Supply

20W Waterproof Meanwell 12V DC Power Supply Single Output

Check the Meanwell 12V DC Power Supply, which with single output design, various output voltage prod..

$12.80 $8.99

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24V Meanwell LED Driver

LPV-100 IP67 Waterproof Meanwell LED Driver

Check the LPV-100 series Meanwell LED Drivers, epoxy encapsulated with IP67 level for harsh conditio..

$34.10 $24.99

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LED Light Tape S Shape 12V 5M 300LEDs

Check the LED Light Tape with s shape design and use high brightness 2835 or 5050 SMD LEDs as the li..

$25.30 $17.99

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LED Christmas Tree Light

WS2812B LED Christmas Tree Light Multicolor Indoor DIY 5VDC

Check the WS2812B LED Christmas Tree Light, which uses 400PCS as the light source, the LEDs are moun..

$85.40 $68.00

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Addressable LED Strip WS2812B

WS2812B LED Strips 5MM 5050 SMD DC5V Individually Addressable

Check the WS2812B LED Strips with ultra-narrow size design and a width of only 5mm, and you can inst..

$35.70 $19.90

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4mm COB LED Strip Lights Bedroom

Ultra-Thin 4MM Battery Powered 5V COB Strip LED Lights

The 4mm ultra-thin COB Strip LED Lights, which work on DC5V and can be powered by battery, are desig..

$34.80 $15.99

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Watereproof RGB MiBoxer LED Controller

IP66 Wwatereproof RGB MiBoxer LED Controller Voice Control

The Waterproof RGB MiBoxer LED Controller, the waterproof level is IP66. You can use them for outdoo..

$15.90 $11.99

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Tunable White Outdoor Light Controller

2.4G Dual White Waterproof Outdoor Controller Color Temp & Brightness Adjustable

The Dual White Waterproof Outdoor Controller, which has a waterproof level of up to IP66, can use th..

$15.40 $11.99

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IP66 Outdoor Waterproof LED Single Color Dimmer

IP66 Outdoor Waterproof LED Single Color Dimmer 2.4G

The Outdoor Waterproof LED Single Color Dimmer, which with a waterproof level of up to IP66, you can..

$17.30 $11.99