4Pin RGB LED Strip Cable

RGB LED strip cable, can extend the length of RGB LED connectors or connect to 3528 RGB LED strips..


IP68 Waterproof LED Clips

Features: 1.this type clear LED clips suit for IP68 waterproof level flexible LED strips use. widt..


IP67 Silicone LED Clips

Features: 1.this type silicone LED clips for IP67 silicone tube 3528 LED strips and 5050 LED strips..


Epoxy Coated IP65 Waterproof RGB LED Connector

Features: this type waterproof RGB LED connector suit for 10mm epoxy coated  RGB LED strips u..


Solderless RGBW LED Connector

Features: 1.this type solderless RGBW LED connector,12mm width,without wire, suit for RGBW LED str..


Solderless RGB LED Tape Connector

Features: 1.this type solderless LED tape conenctor,width of conenctor have 10mm and 12mm avaliable..


Solderless Male DC Connector

Features: 1.this type male DC connector,DC5521 to 15EDG3.5-2P suit for single color LED strips con..


Solderless LED Strip Light Connector

Features: this LED connector have 15 different styles,no-waterproof, suit for 8mm,10mm and 12mm wi..


Solderless Female DC Connector

Features: 1.solderless female DC connector,suit for single color flexible LED strips connect with ..


Solderless - L T + Shape LED Strip Connector

Features: This type LED strip connector,have different shape avaliable, "-" "L" "T" "+" work with..


Single Side Single Color LED Light Connector

Features: the​ single side single color LED light connector,single side with LED connector, length..


Single Side RGBW LED Connector

Features: 1.single side RGBW LED connector,wire length 15cm, single side with RGBW connector,suit ..


Single Side 4PIN Male LED Strip Light Connector

Features: 1.this type LED strip light connector single side with 4pin male LED connector, length o..


Single Side 4 PIN RGB LED Strip Connector

Features: 1.this type 4pin RGB LED strip connector,length of wire is 15cm, width 10mm and 12mm ava..


Male Female 4PIN LED Light Connector

Features: this type LED light connector,with male and female 4pin LED connector, length of wire 15..