Check the COB Strip Light Connectors, the length of wire is 100mm, both sides with solderless COB LED Strip Connectors, you can take the 2P, 3P and 4P Connectors with wire, the 2P LED Connectors for single color LED Strips, 3P for tunable white COB LED Tapes, the 4P for RGB COB LED Strip Lights. the 2P COB Connectors have various width products available, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm for various width COB Tapes. you can use to reconnect the COB LED Tapes together.


  • Type: COB Strip Light Connectors
  • Material: Plastic + Metal
  • Color: Clear
  • Number Of Pins: 2P, 3P, 4P
  • Width: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm
  • Length Of Wire: 100mm
  • Suit For Single Color/Tunable White/RGB COB LED Strips
  • 10PCS Per Pack


1*COB Strip Light Connectors(10PCS/Pack)

rgb led strip connector 4p

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