Check the 4P Solderless COB Rope Light Connectors, 10PCS per pack. Which are designed for the COB LED Tapes, one side with a 10mm 4P COB Connector and the other with a 4P Male Connector, which you can use to connect the RGB LED Strip Lights and RGB LED Controller. There are black and white colors available. 


  • Type: Solderless 4P Connectors For RGB COB Rope Lights
  • Material: Plastic + Metal
  • Color: Black, White
  • Width Of Connector: 10mm
  • Length Of Wire: 100mm
  • Number Of Pins: 4
  • 10PCS Per Pack
  • Suit For RGB COB LED Strip Lights


1*COB Rope Light Connectors(10PCS/Pack)

led light strip connector with wire

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