Check the Solderless LED Strip Light Connectors, you can choose the various shapes, L, +(Cross), T Shapes available, all of them come with the 4 Pin Quick Connectors for the RGB LED Strips, you can insert the RGB LED Strips into the Connectors and close the Quick Connectors to finish the installation. those LED Connectors provide a perfect fit for the 10mm RGB LED Strips with tools-free installation for your light project. provides a 2-way, 3-way, 4-way quick splitter connection and a solderless quick snap down solution.


  • Suitable For 10mm RGB LED Strips
  • L, +, T Shapes Available
  • L Shape: L Adapter With 2 Quick Connectors
  • +(Cross) Shape: + Adapter With 4 Quick Connectors
  • T Shape: T Adapter With 3 Quick Connectors


1*Solderless LED Strip Light Connector

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