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3mm cob led strip

Ultra Slim 3MM 12V Strip LED COB Dot Free UL Listed

Check the ultra-slim Strip LED COB, the width only 3mm/4.5mm, suitable for narrow applications like ..

$42.10 $27.65

Sale -28%
24v tunable white led strips

Tunable White COB LED Strip 24V Dimmable

Check the Tunable White COB LED Strips, which allows adjusting the color temperature from 3000K(Warm..

$8.31 $5.99

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Super Narrow COB LED Stripe

Super Narrow 2.7mm DC12V Flexible COB LED Stripe

Check the Super Narrow Flexible COB LED Stripe, the width is only 2.7mm, you can install them in a v..

$35.40 $20.90

Sale -26%
Side Emitting LED Strip Lights

Side Emitting White COB LED Strips 24V

Check the Side Emitting COB LED Strips, which have a COB luminous surface, the light is evenly and s..

$13.70 $10.20

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COB LED Light Strip

Ra90 320LEDs COB LED Light Strip

Check the Ra90 COB LED Light Strip, real dot free, no dark dot, uniform illumination, provide the in..

$31.20 $21.60

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cob led strip 5vdc

Dimmable COB LED Strip 5V With USB Controller

Check the 5V COB LED Strips, which with USB Controller, easy to connect to the USB port on PC, lapto..

$13.40 $6.30

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cob led strips

DC5V 8MM FCOB LED Light Strips For Room Battery Powered

Check the LED Light Strips For Room Battery Powered, working in DC5V, you can cut to any size and li..

$35.90 $21.00

Sale -35%
COB LED Strip 24V

DC24V COB Flexible LED Strips

Check the COB Flexible LED Strips, which use the new COB LED technology, with high density LED Array..

$32.40 $20.90

Sale -39%
Flexible COB LED Strip

8MM 12V/24V 480LEDs COB LED Strip 5Meters/Reel

Check the COB LED Strips, 5 meters per reel, the width of PCB board is 8mm, the Flexible COB LED Str..

$35.70 $21.60

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5mm cob led strips

5MM 24V COB LED Strip Light With UL Certificate

The 24V COB LED Strip Light, which with the super narrow size only 5mm, there are 504PCS high-qualit..

$35.70 $19.90

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COB LED Tape Light Connector

2P 4P COB LED Tape Light Connectors

Check the COB LED Tape Light Connector Kits, you can choose them to reconnect the COB LED Tapes toge..

$8.41 $5.99

Sale -43%
24V Tunable White COB LED Strips

24V Tunable White COB LED Strips CCT Color Temperature Adjustable DC12/24V 16.4FT

Check the COB Tunable White LED Strips, working in DC24V for longer max runs, use the brand high-qua..

$52.10 $29.90

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RA90 LED Strip COB

24V RGB LED Strip COB 840LEDs/M Ra90

Check the RGB LED Strip COB, which working in DC24V, only can work with the LED Driver that the outp..

$64.70 $45.80

Sale -41%
CCT COB LED Strip Connector

2/3/4/5/6Pins Solderless COB LED Strip Connectors

Check the COB LED Strip Connectors, you can choose the 3 Pin Connectors for Tunable White CCT LED St..

$0.86 $0.51

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Waterproof COB LED Strips

12V/24V IP67 Silicone Tube Waterproof COB Outdoor LED Strips

Check the Silicone Tube Waterproof COB Outdoor LED Strips, which use the high-quality San An Brand 1..

$48.20 $29.90