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MiBoxer RF Repeater

MiBoxer RP1 2.4G RF Signal Repeater

The MiBoxer RP1 2.4G Signal Repeater, which integrates 2.4G transmission technology, can transmit th..

$9.18 $6.99

Sale -9%
1 Channel Amplifier Box

MiBoxer SYS-PT2 1 Channel Amplifier Box

Check the MiBoxer SYS-PT2 1 Channel Amplifier Box, which needs to work with 1 Channel Control Box SY..

$168.20 $153.78

Sale -11%
1 Channel Host Control Box

MiBoxer SYS-PT1 1 Channel Host Control Box Voice Control

Check the MiBoxer SYS-PT1 1 Channel Control Box, which is compatible with MiBoxer SYS series product..

$188.30 $167.60

Sale -33%
Waterproof Cable For Outdoor Landscape Lights

MiBoxer 3 Pin Waterproof Cable For Outdoor Landscape Lights

Check the MiBoxer 3Pin Waterproof Cable And Connectors, the IP rating is IP68 waterproof, you can us..

$6.37 $4.25

Sale -34%
GVVOOHOME HCP024 WiFi Floor RGB Ambiance Lights

GVVOOHOME HCP024 WiFi RGB Floor Ambiance Lights

Check the GVVOOHOME HCP024 RGB Floor Ambiance Lights, which work in DC5V or DC12V, can connect to th..

$45.90 $30.50

Sale -52%
12v fcob led strips

Dotless Dimmable DC12V COB LED Strip Light Flexible

Check the DC12V COB LED Strip Light, which uses the new COB technology to produce seamless linear li..

$10.30 $4.99

Sale -53%
cob led strip 5vdc

Dimmable COB LED Strip 5V With USB Controller

Check the 5V COB LED Strips, which with USB Controller, easy to connect to the USB port on PC, lapto..

$13.40 $6.30

Sale -28%
24v tunable white led strips

Tunable White COB LED Strip 24V Dimmable

Check the Tunable White COB LED Strips, which allows adjusting the color temperature from 3000K(Warm..

$8.31 $5.99

Sale -37%
corner lights for living room

GVVOOHOME HCP050 U-Shaped Bluetooth-Compatible RGBWW Flood Corner Lights

Check the GVVOOHOME HCP050 RGBWW Flood Corner Lights, which with U-shaped design and come with a sta..

$46.70 $29.30

Sale -46%
ambient light tv

DC5V GVVOOHOME HCP060 Desktop Ambient Light TV

Check the GVVOOHOME HCP060 Desktop Ambient Light TV, which uses high-quality SMD LEDs as the light s..

$38.70 $21.00

Sale -35%
gvvoohome hcp057

GVVOOHOME HCP057 Smart RGBWW Lighting Ambiance For Bedside

Check the GVOOHOME HCP057 Smart RGBWW Lighting Ambiance, which with round tube design and comes..

$38.40 $24.99

Sale -49%
interior light sensor switch

PIR-8 Infrared Motion Sensor Light Switch For LED

Check the PIR-8 Light Switch with Infrared Motion Sensor, the Sensor Switch will turn ON when somebo..

$13.70 $6.99

Sale -63%
SP104E Addressable LED Controller

SP104E Mini Inline SPI LED Controller With 17 Keys RF Remote

Check the SP104E SPI LED Controller, which with inline design and comes with a female DC Connector a..

$13.50 $4.99

Sale -53%
SP106E LED Music Controller

SP106E Music Individually Addressable LED Strip Controller

Check the SP106E Individually Addressable LED Strip Controller, which with a small size design and l..

$12.80 $5.99

Sale -45%
TC421 WiFi LED Time Controller

TC421 WiFi Programmable LED Time Controller

Check the TC421 LED Time Controller, which with 5 output channels design, you can use for Single Col..

$58.30 $31.90