Sale -48%

16*16mm High Power COB White LED Chip

Check the High Power COB White LED Chips, you can choose various color temperatures from 2700K warm ..

$17.30 $8.99

Sale -41%
30W High Power LED Chp

3W To 30W White COB High Power LED Chips

Check the COB High Power LED Chips, which use the chip on the board technology, the LED Chips mounte..

$8.41 $4.99

Sale -41%
18W COB LED Chip


Check the COB LED Chips by UANCAI, you can choose various wattage products from 12W to 54W and vario..

$16.80 $9.99

Sale -32%
COB LED Connector For Single Color Strip Light

2P Solderless COB LED Connector For Single Color Strip Lights

Check the 2P Solderless COB LED Connectors, which with 2P connectors and are designed for Single Col..

$10.30 $6.99

Sale -47%
1 Channel Signal Power Amplifier

MiBoxer SYS-T2 1 Channel Signal Amplifier

Check the MiBoxer SYS-T2 Signal Amplifier, which with 1 output channel design and the max output pow..

$28.30 $15.00

Sale -49%
2.4G MiBoxer Host Controller

MiBoxer SYS-T1 1 Channel Host Controller

Check the MiBoxer SYS-T1 Host Controller with 1 channel design, which is only compatible with Miboxe..

$45.30 $23.00

Sale -48%
2.4g rf rgbw remote controller

MiBoxer FUT028 2.4G RF RGBW Remote Controller

Check the MiBoxer FUT028 RGBW Remote Controller, which includes the 2.4G RF Remote Control, works in..

$26.40 $13.60

Sale -59%
wireless light controller

MiBoxer FUT020 2.4G RGB Wireless Light Controller

Check the MiBoxer FUT020 RGB Wireless Light Controller, which adopts the 2.4G wireless transmitting ..

$28.30 $11.52

Sale -35%
433MHz RGB Controller

MiBoxer FUT042 433MHz 4Pin RGB Controller

Check the MiBoxer 433MHz 4Pin RGB Controllers, you can choose them for RGB LED Lights, the 433MHz Wi..

$15.30 $9.99

Sale -48%
Smart RGB LED Controller

MiBoxer FUT045A RGB+CCT Smart LED Controller With RF Remote

Check the MiBoxer FUT045A Smart LED Controller that comes with RF Touch Remote Control. which is des..

$29.70 $15.50

Sale -50%
Zigbee Light Strip Controller

MiBoxer FUT039Z RGB+CCT Zigbee 3.0 LED Strip Controller

Check the MiBoxer FUT039Z RGB+CCT LED Strip Controller, which integrates Zigbee 3.0 standard protoco..

$27.30 $13.60

Sale -54%
Zigbee 3.0 LED Controller RGBW

MiBoxer FUT038Z RGBW Zigbee LED Controller

Check the MiBoxer FUT038Z Zigbee LED Controller, which integrates Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol, with..

$29.30 $13.60

Sale -46%
RGB Zigbee Controller

MiBoxer FUT037Z RGB Zigbee Controller

Check the MiBoxer FUT037Z RGB Zigbee Controller, which integrates Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol and c..

$25.30 $13.60

Sale -47%
zigbee dimmer controller

MiBoxer FUT036Z Zigbee Dimmer 12V

Check the MiBoxer FUT036Z Zigbee Dimmers, which integrate Zigbee 3.0 standard protocols, can work wi..

$25.70 $13.60

Sale -45%
MiBoxer FUT035Z Zigbee 3.0 LED Dimmer

Miboxer FUT035Z Dual White CCT Zigbee LED Dimmer 24V

Check the MiBoxer FUT035Z Zigbee 3.0 LED Dimmer, which works in DC12V or DC24V, with small size and ..

$24.60 $13.60