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  • Brand: Ledbe
  • Product Code: ALP091-E

Check the White Gypsum Drywall Plaster Aluminium Profiles, which are made of 6063-T5 aluminium alloy material and with silver anodized surface treatment for a better anti-oxidation feature and a longer lifespan. the standard length is 1meter per piece and the max length can do 3 meters per piece, which can be cut to any length you want. there is only one type of diffuser available, you only can choose the PC diffused cover for the smooth output lighting, made of brand material with stable quality, anti-yellowing, perfect light distribution. the diffuser with a clip-in design, is easy to install and maintain. you can install the LED Strips on the LED Profiles easily, the Aluminium Plasterboard LED Profiles can be used as a heat sinker for better heat dissipation allowing a longer lifespan for the LED Light. the inner width is 13.3mm and compatible with the Flexible LED Strips the max-width up to 13mm. the end caps with wire holes included, you can connect the LED Strips with LED Adapter easily, the "L" and "-" connectors are sold separately, you can purchase them separately for the LED Projects. the Plaster In LED Profiles can be recessed into 5/8" drywall for the cover lights.


  • Model: ALP091-E
  • Material: 6063-T5 Aluminium Alloy
  • Surface Treatment: Silver Anodized
  • Colors: Silver, Black, White(Default)
  • Size: 73.2*30.2mm
  • Inner Width: 13.3mm
  • Compatible With Flexible LED Strips Less 13mm
  • Max Power: <15W/Meter
  • Standard Length: 1Meter
  • Other Lengths Available: 1.5Meter, 2Meter, 2.5Meter, 3Meter
  • Custom Length Available: YES
  • Diffusers: PC Diffused Cover
  • " L" And "-" Connectors Optional
  • Installation: Recessed Into 5/8" Drywall
  • Usage: Cover Lights
  • 5 Years Warranty


1*Gypsum Drywall Plaster Aluminium Profile

End Caps(With Wire Holes)

How To Install:

1. Install The LED Strips Inside The Gypsum Drywall Plaster Aluminum Profiles.

2. Click the Diffuser Into The LED Profiles.

3. Fix The End Caps With Screws.

4. Put The Alu Profiles On The 1/2" Drywall.

5. Fix The Alu Profiles With Screws.

6. Plaster-In.

7. Brush Painting.

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