Check the GVVOOHOME HCP060 Desktop Ambient Light TV, which uses high-quality SMD LEDs as the light source, working in DC5V and comes with 1 to 2 USB cables, easy to connect to the USB port on the TV or PC to light up, there are two control methods, smartphone APP control and manual control. the Ambient Light Tube comes with stands, you can stand them on the desktop around your TV or PC, there are 3 buttons on the LED Lights, you can use to turn ON/OFF the light, switch 10 kinds of scenes modes or switch 4 music modes for various environments. you also can download the smartphone APP to control the LED Light conveniently, you can connect the Ambient Lights to your mobile phone through Bluetooth. you can switch the color mode, scene mode, music mode or launch the timing function on the APP. easy to choose the color and adjust the brightness, after you activate the music mode, the light dances with the music. 


  • Size: 315*107*48mm(L*W*H)
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy + PC
  • Working Voltage: DC5V
  • Working Current: 1A
  • Rated Power: 5W
  • Color: RGB
  • Control Method: Smartphone APP Control/Manual Control
  • APP Name: Gvvoo Home
  • Modes: 9 Dynamic Modes, 6 Scene Modes, 4 Music Modes
  • Brightness Of Static Color And Speed Of Dynamic Mode Adjustable
  • Timing Function: YES
  • Bluetooth Connection: YES
  • Sound Field Sensing
  • Environmental Noise Filtering
  • Colorful RGB Dynamic Effects
  • IP Rating: IP20 Non-Waterproof
  • Working Temperature: -20℃-+45℃
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • 2 Years Warranty


2*Ambient Lights

1*1.5M USB Cable(1 To 2)

1*User Manual

GVVOOHOME HCP060 Desktop Ambient Light TV

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