Check the Signal Booster for Magic Color Digital LED Strips, and you can choose the 1 To 4 or 1 To 8. The Light Signal Booster will receive the signal from the Pixel Controller and transfer it to 4PCS Digital LED Strips or LED Booster. In theory, the connection is unlimited. Both sides with male and female JST SM Connectors are easily connected to Controller and LED Strips. working voltage range from DC5V to DC24V, can work with most Programmable LED Strip Controllers, like SP611E, SP105E, SP108E, SP601E, K-1000C, R3, PI3, etc.


  • Model: Light Signal Booster
  • Both Ends With JST SM Connectors(Male/Female)
  • 1 To 4 / 1 To 8 Available
  • Working Voltage: DC5-24V
  • Wires: White( -), Red( +),  Green(Data)
  • Compatible With Controllers: SP611E, SP105E, SP108E, SP601E, K-1000C, R3, PI3, etc


1*Signal Booster For Magic Color LED Strips

LED Signal Amplifier

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