dmx lights controller

MiBoxer X5 RGB+CCT DMX Light Controller

The MiBoxer X5 RGB+CCT DMX Light Controller, which with standard European 86-type structure, easy to..


MiBoxer WL5-WP Waterproof 5-In-1 WiFi Controller

MiBoxer WL5-WP Waterproof 5-In-1 RGB WiFi Controller

The MiBoxer WL5-WP Waterproof RGB WiFi Controller, with a 5-in-1 function design and a waterproof le..


MiBoxer WL5 WiFi LED Controller

MiBoxer WL5 5 In 1 Home Assistant WiFi LED Controller

The MiBoxer WL 5 In 1 WiFi LED Controller is an ideal choice for those looking for a versatile and r..


driver led dimmable 12v

MiBoxer LS4 Driver LED Dimmable 0-10V

The MiBoxer LS4 0-10V Dimmable LED Driver, which supports 0-10V, 1-10V, 10V PWM Dimming Panels or Pu..


MiBoxer K1 Remote Control

MiBoxer K1 RF Brightness Panel Rotating Switch Remote

The MiBoxer K1 RF Brightness Panel Switch Remote, which controls the MiBoxer LED Lamps, supports dim..


MiBoxer FUT089S 6 Zones 2.4G RGB+CCT Remote Controller

MiBoxer FUT089S 6 Zones 2.4G RGB+CCT Remote Controller

The MiBoxer FUT089S Remote Controller is a wireless remote control designed to control up to 6 zones..


8 Zones Milight Remote Control

MiBoxer FUT089 8 Zones 2.4G RGB CCT LED Strip Remote Control

The MiBoxer FUT089 RGB+CCT LED Strip Remote Control, which has 8 zones independently control design,..


miboxer fut086

MiBoxer FUT086 8 Zones 433MHz RF Wireless Remote

The MiBoxer FUT086 RF Wireless Remote is a great way to control your home automation system. It can ..


RGBW Strip LED Light Controller

MiBoxer FUT044 RGBW LED Light Controller

The MiBoxer FUT044 LED Light Controller, designed for the RGBW LED Strip Lights, comes with a new up..


Zigbee 3.0 LED Controller RGBW

MiBoxer FUT038Z RGBW Zigbee LED Controller

The MiBoxer FUT038Z Zigbee LED Controller, which integrates Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol, with small..


zigbee dimmer controller

MiBoxer FUT036Z Zigbee Dimmer 12V

The MiBoxer FUT036Z Zigbee Dimmers, which integrate Zigbee 3.0 standard protocols, can easily adjust..


2.4g rf rgbw remote controller

MiBoxer FUT028 2.4G RF RGBW Remote Controller

The MiBoxer FUT028 RGBW Remote Controller can be used to control RGBW light fixtures. The 2.4G RF Re..


wireless light controller

MiBoxer FUT020 2.4G RGB Wireless Light Controller

The MiBoxer FUT020 RGB Wireless Light Controller is a compact and versatile lighting controller for ..


Mi Light RF Remote Control

MiBoxer FUT007 CCT 2.4G Wireless Lighting Remote Control

Check the MiBoxer FUT007 Wireless Lighting Remote Control, an excellent choice for those looking for..


Mi Light FUT006

MiBoxer FUT006 4 Zones 2.4G RF LED Strip Remote With Rotating Wheel

Check the MiBoxer FUT006 LED Strip Remote, compatible with Milight and MiBoxer CCT products, with a ..