WS2812B SMD LED Chip


Check the RGB SMD LED Chips, which are built-in WS2812B IC. You can use them to replace the broken L..


Waterproof PVC Plastic LED Strip Light Channels

Waterproof PVC Plastic LED Strip Light Channels

The Waterproof Plastic LED Strip Light Channels, made of high-quality PVC material, are water-resist..


LED Strip Light Clips

LED Strip Light Clips/Bracket(Mounting)

The LED Strip Light Clips are made of PP material and transparent color, with no shades. The bottom ..


22awg 2pin led light wire

Black Red 2Pin 22AWG LED Light Wire

Check the black red LED Light Wire, parallel bonded two conductor 22 gauge stranded wire, you can us..


WS2812B Programmable LED-Matrix Panel

8*8/16*18/8*32 WS2812B Programmable LED Matrix Panel Screen

Check the Programmable LED Matrix Panel Screen, which has 3 sizes available, you can choose the vari..


JST SM Connector

2Pin 3Pin 4Pin 5Pin JST SM Connector

Check the JST SM Connector, which is made of pure copper and PVC material, corrosion-resistant, stro..


LED Light Strip Cable

2Pin 3Pin 4Pin 5Pin Extension LED Light Cable

Check the Extension LED Light Cable, each wire contains a number of high-quality pure copper thin wi..


Silicone Tube For Flexible LED Strips

Waterproof Bendable Silicone Tube For Flexible LED Strips 16.4FT/Reel

Check the Bendable Silicone Tubes for Flexible LED Strips, which are made of food-grade silicone mat..


WS2812B RGB Addressable SMD LEDs

WS2812B SK6812 5050 RGB SMD LEDs With Heat Sink

Check the WS2812B/SK6812 5050 RGB SMD LEDs with heat sink, which built-in IC for individually addres..


Yeelight Gateway BLE Mesh

WiFi Yeelight Gateway For BLE Mesh Lights

Check the Yeelight Gateway YLWG01YL, which is a perfect fit for the smart BLE LED Lights, can connec..


Waterproof Electrical PVC Wires

Waterproof Electrical PVC Cable Wire For LED Lights

Check the Waterproof Electrical PVC Cable Wires for LED Lights, you can choose 2Pin, 3Pin, 4Pin or 5..


18W COB LED Chip


Check the COB LED Chips by UANCAI, you can choose various wattage products from 12W to 54W and vario..


chip on board led cob chip

Tunable White CCT COB Chip On Board LED

Check the Tunable White COB Chip On Board LED, which adopts high-density COB LED Chips for high..



SK6812 RGBW Replacement SMD LED Chips With IC

Check the SK6812 RGBW Replacement SMD LED Chips, which built-in SK6812 IC, the SMD LEDs not just inc..


SK6812 5050 smd rgb led

SK6812 3535/5050 SMD RGB LED Addressable

Check the SK6812 Addressable RGB SMD LEDs, there are two types of LEDs available, 5050 and 3535. bot..