Sale -38%
WS2812B SMD LED Chip


Check the RGB SMD LED Chips, which built-in WS2812B IC, you can use them to replace the broken LEDs ..

$4.83 $2.99

Sale -42%
LED Strip Protective Sleeves

LED Strip Protective Sleeves PVC LED Profiles For Cars

The LED Strip Protective Sleeves, which are made of PVC material, are waterproof and dustproof, high..

$1.70 $0.99

Sale -46%
LED Strip Light Clips

LED Strip Light Clips/Bracket(Mounting)

The LED Strip Light Clips are made of PP material and transparent color, with no shades. The bottom ..

$5.71 $3.08

Sale -37%
22awg 2pin led light wire

Black Red 2Pin 22AWG LED Light Wire

Check the black red LED Light Wire, parallel bonded two conductor 22 gauge stranded wire, you can us..

$6.34 $3.99

Sale -34%
WS2812B Programmable LED-Matrix Panel

8*8/16*18/8*32 WS2812B Programmable LED Matrix Panel Screen

Check the Programmable LED Matrix Panel Screen, which has 3 sizes available, you can choose the vari..

$9.14 $5.99

Sale -47%
JST SM Connector

2Pin 3Pin 4Pin 5Pin JST SM Connector

Check the JST SM Connector, which is made of pure copper and PVC material, corrosion-resistant, stro..

$5.63 $2.99

Sale -52%
LED Light Strip Cable

2Pin 3Pin 4Pin 5Pin Extension LED Light Cable

Check the Extension LED Light Cable, each wire contains a number of high-quality pure copper thin wi..

$6.83 $3.30

Sale -54%
Silicone Tube For Flexible LED Strips

Waterproof Bendable Silicone Tube For Flexible LED Strips 16.4FT/Reel

Check the Bendable Silicone Tubes for Flexible LED Strips, which are made of food-grade silicone mat..

$8.74 $3.99

Sale -41%
WS2812B RGB Addressable SMD LEDs

WS2812B SK6812 5050 RGB SMD LEDs With Heat Sink

Check the WS2812B/SK6812 5050 RGB SMD LEDs with heat sink, which built-in IC for individually addres..

$6.71 $3.99

Sale -43%
Yeelight Gateway BLE Mesh

WiFi Yeelight Gateway For BLE Mesh Lights

Check the Yeelight Gateway YLWG01YL, which is a perfect fit for the smart BLE LED Lights, can connec..

$93.10 $52.96

Sale -40%
Waterproof Electrical PVC Wires

Waterproof Electrical PVC Cable Wire For LED Lights

Check the Waterproof Electrical PVC Cable Wires for LED Lights, you can choose 2Pin, 3Pin, 4Pin or 5..

$8.38 $4.99

Sale -41%
18W COB LED Chip


Check the COB LED Chips by UANCAI, you can choose various wattage products from 12W to 54W and vario..

$16.80 $9.99

Sale -25%
chip on board led cob chip

Tunable White CCT COB Chip On Board LED

Check the Tunable White COB Chip On Board LED, which adopts high-density COB LED Chips for high..

$24.60 $18.50

Sale -38%

SK6812 RGBW Replacement SMD LED Chips With IC

Check the SK6812 RGBW Replacement SMD LED Chips, which built-in SK6812 IC, the SMD LEDs not just inc..

$4.81 $2.99

Sale -52%
SK6812 5050 smd rgb led

SK6812 3535/5050 SMD RGB LED Addressable

Check the SK6812 Addressable RGB SMD LEDs, there are two types of LEDs available, 5050 and 3535. bot..

$6.24 $2.99