Sale -33%

6W/12W MiBoxer RGB+CCT Zigbee 3.0 Magnetic Grille Light

Check the MiBoxer Zigbee Magnetic Grille Lights, which are powered by Rail, with strong magnetism, d..

$34.20 $22.99

Sale -38%

48V 12W Zigbee 3.0 MiBoxer RGB CCT Magnetic Floodlight

Check the 12W Zigbee 3.0 MiBoxer Magnetic Floodlight, which is powered by rail, the back with strong..

$37.10 $22.99

Sale -29%

MiBoxer FUTT03Z 30W RGB CCT Zigbee Exterior Flood Lights

Check the 30W Zigbee Exterior Flood Lights, which follow the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, can be controlled ..

$85.70 $60.62

Sale -10%

MiBoxer FUTT02Z 50W RGB CCT Zigbee 3.0 Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures

Check the MiBoxer FUTT02Z 50W Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures, which follow the Zigbee V3 protocol, can..

$94.30 $85.00

Sale -21%

25W MiBoxer FUTC05Z Zigbee RGB CCT Black Outdoor Lights

Check the MiBoxer FUTC05Z Zigbee 3.0 Black Outdoor Lights, the IP rate is IP66 waterproof, you can i..

$74.30 $58.90

Sale -33%

15W MiBoxer FUTC03Z Zigbee RGB CCT LED Garden Lights

Check the 15W MiBoxer FUTC03Z Zigbee LED Garden Lights, there are 16 million colors available, color..

$68.30 $45.99

Sale -36%

MiBoxer FUT068Z RGB CCT 6W Zigbee Down Lights LED

Check the MiBoxer FUT068Z RGB+CCT 6W Zigbee Down Lights LED, which can be controlled by Remote Contr..

$28.30 $17.99

Sale -35%

MiBoxer FUT066Z 12W RGB CCT Zigbee 3.0 Recessed Spotlights

Check the MiBoxer FUT066Z Zigbee 3.0 Recessed Spotlights, which follow the Zigbee 3.0 standard proto..

$37.10 $23.99

Sale -28%

6W GU10 RGB+CCT MiBoxer Zigbee 3.0 Ceiling Spotlights

Check the MiBoxer 6W Zigbee Ceiling Spotlights, which follow Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol, can be co..

$22.30 $15.95

Sale -18%

150W MiBoxer IP67 Waterproof 24V Constant Voltage LED Driver Dimmable

Check the MiBoxer Constant Voltage LED Driver, which with a stable output voltage design and the out..

$75.00 $61.70

Sale -19%

150W Waterproof Dual White Dimming MiBoxer Outdoor Lighting Transformers

Check the Waterproof Dual White Dimming Outdoor Lighting Transformers by MiBoxer, the waterproof lev..

$76.20 $61.70

Sale -21%

IP67 Waterproof 150W Single Color Dimming MiBoxer LED Driver Power Supply

Check the 150W Single Color Dimming MiBoxer LED Driver Power Supply, the waterproof level is IP67, c..

$78.30 $61.70

Sale -24%

DMX512 Color Changing MiBoxer D5-G50 50W LED Floodlights

Check the MiBoxer D5 Series Color Changing LED Floodlights, which comply with DMX512, DMX512(1990), ..

$122.50 $93.16

Sale -13%

50W LoRa 433MHz MiBoxer FUTC06L RGB CCT Outdoor LED Flood Lights APP Voice Control

Check the MiBoxer FUTC06L RGB CCT Outdoor LED Flood Lights, which use the LoRa SPSP modem technology..

$110.60 $96.35

Sale -40%

Low Voltage DC24V MiBoxer FUTT06 10W RGB CCT LED Floodlights

The MiBoxer FUTT06 10W RGB CCT LED Floodlights, which work in low voltage DC24V, safe to humans and ..

$54.30 $32.54