Sale -28%

MiBoxer DW2-06A-ZB 6W Dimmable Dual White Commercial Downlights

Check the MiBoxer DW2-06A-ZB Dimmable Dual White Commercial Downlights, which are designed to provid..

$20.70 $14.99

Sale -29%

MiBoxer DW1-06A-TR 6W Triac Dimming Down Lighting Interior

Check the MiBoxer DW1-06A-TR Triac Dimming Down Lighting Interior, which is an increasingly popular ..

$18.30 $12.99

Sale -38%

6W MiBoxer DW2-06A-RF Dual White LED Recessed Lighting Dimmable APP Control

Check the MiBoxer DW2-06A-RF LED Recessed Lighting Dimmable, which is an energy-efficient lighting f..

$21.00 $12.99

Sale -34%

6W/12W MiBoxer Downlight Ceiling None Dimmable Warm White

Check the MiBoxer Downlight Ceiling, you can choose 6W or 12W products. which is a non-dimmable ligh..

$12.12 $7.99

Sale -28%

400W MiBoxer HF3-P400V210 400W High Voltage Dimming LED RGB Drivers

Check the MiBoxer HF3-P400V210 High Voltage Dimming LED RGB Drivers, the max output wattage is 400W,..

$27.60 $19.90

Sale -23%

400W MiBoxer High Voltage Dimmable LED Light Transformer

Check the MiBoxer HF series High Voltage Dimmable LED Light Transformers, the output voltage is DC22..

$25.70 $19.90

Sale -30%

3 In 1 FUT037P+ MiBoxer LED Controller With 20A Output For RGB/RGBW/RGB+CCT

The FUT037P+ MiBoxer LED Controller with 3 in 1 design for RGB, RGBW and RGB+CCT LED Lights, with ma..

$14.30 $9.99

Sale -25%

MiBoxer FUT035P+ 20A Smart Light Switch Dimmer 2 In 1 For Single Color/Dual White

Check the MiBoxer FUT035P+ Smart Light Switch Dimmer, which is a smart device that allows you to con..

$13.40 $9.99

Sale -34%

MiBoxer FUTC08Z 6W Zigbee RGB+CCT Light For Front Yard

Check the MiBoxer FUTC08Z 6W LED Lights for Front Yard, which are a great way to illuminate your out..

$34.70 $22.90

Sale -29%

MiBoxer FUTC10Z 15W Zigbee 3.0 24V RGB+CCT LED Yard Lights

Check the MiBoxer FUTC10Z LED Yard Lights, which are an energy-efficient lighting solution that is p..

$64.80 $45.73

Sale -42%

MiBoxer ZB-Box3 Multimode Smart Home Gateway

Check the MiBoxer ZB-Box3 Multimode Smart Home Gateways, which with multiple communication protocols..

$25.10 $14.50

Sale -55%

MiBoxer FUT111 Dual White 2.4G Controllable 4W E26 Base Lamps

Check the MiBoxer FUT111 E26 Base Lamps, which use imported high-quality and high CRI LED Chips as t..

$15.70 $7.02

Sale -47%

MiBoxer FUT110 2.4G Controllable 4W RGB+CCT E26 Bulbs

Check the MiBoxer FUT110 RGB+CCT E27 Bulbs, which use the imported LED Chips as the light source, th..

$17.30 $9.15

Sale -41%

MiBoxer FUTC11ZR 12W Zigbee 3.0 + 2.4G RGB+CCT Outdoor Path Lights

Check the MiBoxer FUTC11ZR Outdoor Path Lights, 16 million colors to choose, brightness and color te..

$57.30 $34.00

Sale -52%

MiBoxer FUT035W+ 2.4G WiFi Dimmer For Single Color/Dual White

Check the MiBoxer FUT035W+ WiFi Dimmers, which with 2 in 1 function design for single color and dual..

$27.30 $12.99