Check the 2.4GHz RF Full Touch Wall Panel LED Remote, working in AC90-265V, no need extra LED Transformer, the LED Remote with 2.4G wireless control technology, long-distance and non-directional control, with full touch panel design, unique interface, easy to use. the RF Remote's structure, size and installation way are all in compliance with European standard. there are four types of LED Remotes available, you can choose the DIM, CCT, RGB and RGBW and compatible various LED Dimmers, LED Dimming Drivers or Lighting Controllers.

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Wireless Sync LED Controller For DIM/CCT/RGB/RGBW


  • Working Temperature: -20-60℃
  • Size: 86*86*32mm(L*W*H)
  • Working Voltage: AC90-265V(50/60Hz)
  • Standby Power: <0.2W
  • Working Power: <2W
  • RF Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • RF Distance: 20M
  • Types: DIM, CCT, RGB, RGBW
  • Full Touch Panel, Unique Interface
  • Weight: 120g
  • 3 Years Warranty


1*2.4G RF Full-Touch Wall Panel LED Remote

1) The Complete system should have a unique code value to achieve security and stability.

2)The Receiver can only store one code value and cannot be overwritten, before learning the new code value, it's necessary to clear the original code fo the receiver, the more controller can only save one code value but can be overwritten and can also restore the factory settings. in order to facilitate the later maintenance, the three components that may be involved in the system(receivers, handheld remote controls, panel remote controls) can realize the mutual learning of code values. 

3) The Receiver performs code value learning in the power-on state, in order to avoid confusion in the area, it's recommended that each area has an independent power switch so that the power of other areas can be easily cut off when the code is being operated.

How To Pair Code Value:

2.4G Touch Wall Panel Control Pair Code

Touch Wall Panel Control Pair Code 2.4GHz LED Wall Panel 2.4GHz RF LED Light Wall Control Panel 2.4GHz RF LED Light Wall Control Panel Size RF LED Light Wall Conrol Panel Installation How To Install The LED Wall Panel Controller

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