Check the 4Pin RGB LED Strip Extend Wire, you can use them for 3528 or 5050 RGB LED Strips, the price for 1meter only, you can use them to connect RGB LED Strips or extend the wire on LED Strips. connect the LED Connectors and RGB LED Lights, re-connect 2PCS RGB LED Strip Lights together, connect the RGB Light Strip to a signal transmission amplifier, etc.


  • Name: 4Pin RGB Extend Wire
  • Material: PVC Plastic + Tin Clad Copper
  • Cable Gauge: 22AWG
  • Rated Power: 150W
  • Rated Voltage: <72V
  • Color Order: BRG+
  • Weight: 20G/Meter
  • Flammability: FT1
  • INS.Thickness: 15mils
  • Conductor: T1712
  • Fit For 3528 / 5050 RGB LED Strips


1*4 Pin RGB LED Strip Wire

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