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Check the WS2812B LED Strips, which with built-in IC and the IC type is WS2812B(the upgraded version of WS2812) for individually addressable, each IC control the RGB SMD LED to achieve the static effect, chasing effect, special effect, etc, each LED will have the own color and brightness for 256 brightness display and 24-bit full-color display. the Addressable LED Strips with various LEDs per meter products available, you can choose 30LEDs/M, 60LEDs/M, 74LEDs/M, 96LEDs/M, 100LEDs/M or 144LEDs/M, there are 3 waterproof products available, the IP30 Non-waterproof, IP65 Coating Waterproof and IP67 Silicone Tube Waterproof, the backside of IP30 and IP65 WS2812B Strip Lights 3M with double-sided adhesive tape, easy to stick on the place you want to install, recommend work for indoor applications, you can use the LED Clips to fix the IP67 products in a wet, damp or water location. the Individually Addressable RGB Strip Lights come with 3 pin JST-SM Connectors, easy to connect to Pixel LED Controllers to achieve thousands of amazing lighting effects, like curtain-up, flow water, raindrop, jump flash and other hundreds of lighting effects. you can edit the animation effect by Coreldraw, Flash or LedEdit software. each LED can be cut off and you can cut to any length for your project freely. only working in DC5V, do not try 12V or 24V. you can use them to produce the LED Screen, Lighting Wall, Advertising Board and use in Hotel, KTV, Bars, Outdoor Signs, Holidays, etc.


The LEDs at the far end of the Programmable LED Strips might be dimmer because of the added resistance and working voltage drop, so to keep them with the same brightness, we will recommend adding the same working voltage every 5 meters (16.4FT) according to the actual situation.


  • Working Voltage: DC5V
  • LED Type: 5050 RGB SMD LEDs
  • LED Quantity: 30LEDs/Meter, 60LEDs/Meter, 74LEDs/Meter, 96LEDs/Meter, 100LEDs/Meter, 144LEDs/Meter
  • IC Type: Built-In IC WS2812B(The Upgraded Version Of WS2812)
  • IC Quantity:30PCS/M, 60PCS/M, 74PCS/M, 96PCS/M, 100PCS/M, 144PCS/M
  • Individually Addressable
  • Grayscale Levels: 256
  • Angle View: 120°
  • Power: 0.3W/LED
  • Emitting Colors: Full Color 24-Bit
  • Colors Of PCB Boards: White/Black
  • Lengths Available: 1M, 2M, 4M, 5M
  • Width: 10mm(30LEDs/M, 60LEDs/M), 12mm(74LEDs/M, 96LEDs/M, 100LEDs/M, 144LEDs/M)
  • IP Rating: IP30 Non-Waterproof, IP65 Coating Waterproof, IP67 Silicone Tube Waterproof
  • 3 Pin JST-SM Connectors Included
  • Compatible With K-1000C, SP110E, SP105E, SP108E, SP110E, SP106E, SP107E, SP501E Programmable LED Controllers
  • Working Temperature: -20°-+40°
  • Wave Length: Red: 620-630nm, Green: 515-530nm, Blue: 465-475nm
  • Every 3PCS LEDs Can Be Cut Off
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • 2 Years Warranty


1*WS2812 LED Strip Lights With 3 Pin Male Connector

WS2812B LED Strip

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