Check the Flexible Pixel RGB LED Matrix Display Panel, which can be controlled by the mobile APP through the Bluetooth connection or button control, supports modifying or DIY the texts, graffiti, amination and other contents according to your needs and scenes, you can adjust the brightness and speed. the common languages supported, you can use English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French and Italian. the RGB Matrix Display comes with USB Port and works in DC5V/2A, can connect to the 5V power adapter, power bank and car USB to power on. the power cable integrates a controller, you can long-press to switch ON or OFF or quick double click to mirror. the RGB LED Matrix uses high-quality 3528 and 2121 RGBIC LEDs as the light source, which will emit high-intensity light and has low power consumption, the full-color effect will be brighter and more attractive. with thin and light design, can be bent and folded, the surface with the epoxy waterproof technology, a layer of colloidal resin added to allow the Flexible LED Matrix have better protect the internal lamp beads, not only increases the service life and allows the waterproof level up to IP66. the DIY LED Matrix can be widely used in car signs, advertising signs and exit&entrance signs. you can use them in shops, jewelry counters, bars, sales staff, etc.


  • Model: Pixel LED Matrix Display Panel
  • Size: 7*17cm/9.2*37.2cm/12*47.5cm/12*68mm(H*W)
  • LED Type: 3528/2121 RGBIC
  • LED Quantity: 16*32PCS(7*17cm)/16*64PCS(9.2*37.2CM)/16*64PCS(12*47.5CM)/16*96PCS(12*68CM)
  • Working Voltage: DC5V
  • Working Current: 2A
  • Power Cable Length: 142cm(7*17cm)/440cm(9.2*37.2CM)/440cm(12*47.5CM)/440cm(12*68CM)
  • Functions: Pattern Graffiti / Scrolling Text / Animation Display
  • APP And Remote Control
  • Waterproof Level: IP66 Waterproof
  • Powered By Power Adapter/Mobile Bank/Car USB
  • The Power Cable Integrates ON/OFF Switch And Controller
  • Controller's Function: Long Press: Switch ON/OFF; Quick Double-Click: Mirror
  • Support Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French, Italian
  • Applications: Car Sign, Advertising Sign, Exit&Entrance Sign In Bars, Jewelry Counters, Sales Staff, Shops, Hotel Welcomes, Companies, Exhibitions, Nightclubs, Cinemas, etc
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • 3 Years Warranty


1*Pixel LED Matrix Display Panel

1*Controller With USB Connector

1*Double-Sided Tape

1*User Manual

Raspberry PI LED Matrix

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