Check the MiBoxer SYS-T2 Signal Amplifier, which with 1 output channel design and the max output power up to 360W, will amplify the power and signal of MiBoxer SYS-T1 Host Controller to synchronously control more LED Lights. when you add one more Amplifier, you could connect a double quantity of LED Lamps. the MiBoxer Amplifier only works with the SYS series LED Lights, like Wall Washer Lights, Underwater Lighting, Garden Lamps, etc. the loading power of the Lights connected to the Amplifier can not over 360W, the working voltage is DC24V and max output current is 15A. the SYS-T2 made of high-quality PC material, solid and durable. comes with 5 connection terminals, easy to connect to a Power Supply and LED Lights.

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MiBoxer SYS-T2 User Manual


  • Size: 115*48*27mm(L*W*H)
  • Input Voltage: DC24V
  • Output Voltage: DC24V
  • Output Current: Max 15A
  • Output Power: Max 360W
  • Only Works With MiBoxer SYS-1 Host Controller
  • Working Temperature: -20-60℃
  • 2 Years Warranty


1*MiBoxer SYS-T2 Signal Amplifier

MiBoxer SYS-2 1 Channel Signal Amplifier

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